The number of pharmacies in Essonne is decreasing

The Essonne FSPF Pharmacists Union raises the alarm: 5 pharmacies will close by the end of 2022.

Pharmacies struggle to find buyers. Delphine Chadoutaud, co-chair of the Essonne Pharmacists’ Union FSPF, based in Grigny, runs a pharmacy in Orsay. ” I regret the closures of pharmacies that this year are 5 in the department where we have 337 pharmacies. Three have already closed since the beginning of the year, the last of which in Morangis on October 17 and one is announced by the end of the year. “.

The Domaine pharmacy in Itteville, closed at the end of September, has one year left for a possible recovery. With 1.3 million inhabitants in Essonne, there is a potential for 371 pharmacies in Essonne, based on one for every 3,500 inhabitants. And this potential is expected to continue to grow in the years to come. The demographic dynamics of the department remain strong today and the development of Saclay or the arrival of the Grand Paris express should help maintain this dynamic for years to come.

In this case, what can explain that the number of pharmacies is decreasing and that a certain obscurity is stabilizing in the profession. Difficult to obtain bank loans How can this trend be explained? There are already reasons that are not related to the profession itself, but to the difficulties in obtaining a bank loan. This is the case of the Domaine pharmacy in Itteville, which closed its doors on 30 September.

I had a 32-year-old motivated wife, married with kids, college graduate and everyone knows this diploma doesn’t come out of a surprise bag. You have had four loan rejections due to insufficient equity»Annoys Dominique Le-Houerou, the owner of the Domaine’s pharmacy.

Like general practitioners who continue to practice into old age, so too are pharmacists, of whom Delphine Chadoutaud confirms that it is common to see them retire at the age of 75. An advanced age that made practitioners suffer during the Covid-19 emergency. With 60-70 hour work weeks, Burnout has been terrible for the profession.

All the caregivers took a hit and the pharmacists too. Some today still take antidepressants and others have chosen to retire or sell. The demands were too strong for two years, the mental burden was too heavy for too long “, confirmation.

The situation is also tense among staff, and this burden is felt today by a large number of departures and retraining and hiring difficulties.

The latest creation of a pharmacy dates back to 2015

In this context, the last creation of a pharmacy in Essonne dates back to 2015, it was in Tigery. Since then, nothing. In this interval, the population of Essonne has grown by 30,000 inhabitants. But it is not only the number of pharmacies that counts, there is also their distribution throughout the departmental territory.

Today, 3 pharmacies that closed this year are located in the north of the department, where the population is densest. And another one in the Valde-Seine should still close its doors by December. Under these conditions, it is the profession itself that will evolve.

Pharmacists will become super pharmacists. We will be able to take full advantage of our expertise to help general practitioners meet the needs of the population“Says Delphine Chadoutaud.

For this busy professional, the pharmacist is the last bastion for patients. “It is in our DNA to analyze prescriptions, because the pharmacist is responsible for the drugs prescribed“, He concludes.

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