Back to normal after the bug on Polygon (MATIC)!

After many difficulties that arose on October 26, Lens Protocol is back in service. Due to some difficulties that occurred on Polygon (MATIC), users have encountered difficulties in executing extracted transactions. However, after the storm, the NFT-based decentralized project gets back on track and continues its work!

Lens Protocol, difficulties that lead to the top

Blockchain is a fairly large ecosystem that attracts a lot of people. Therefore, due to the increased activity, some protocols are likely to have problems. In a tweet published Wednesday, Lens Protocol announced that there was a problem with the extracted transactions. According to the statement, this is due to an accumulated queue on its third-party relay and high gas limits on the Polygon (MATIC).

However, a few hours after this announcement, the blockchain-based decentralized project claims that the problem is now solved. Lens Protocol is an Aave initiative that allows users to store their content as an NFT in a crypto wallet. Unlike other centralized social media applications like Twitter, the decentralized project offers a new alternative for network and blockchain followers.

Although the initial design was by Aave, the protocol was eventually built on Polygon. This choice has all the benefits Lens needs to grow. Among other things, transactions that are cheaper, faster and less expensive in terms of resources than the main Ethereum (ETH) network. For this reason, the problem that occurred recently is just one of many that may occur in the future.

The protocol is ready to continue its work and develop to achieve its objectives. The project is relatively recent and we can already see its evolution. The crypto ecosystem will continue to attract users and there will be no shortage of annoyances. Meanwhile, the decentralized social graph continues its core mission, fueling social media applications.

However, Lens Protocol does not forget that this is only possible thanks to the trust of its users. Once the problem was resolved, he did not fail to greet the latter’s patience and unwavering support.

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