Will Twitter users soon have to buy DOGE to tweet?

The legal battle that has been announced is unlikely to take place. Elon Musk will eventually buy back Twitter, at the original asking price. The ambitious billionaire, fan of cryptocurrencies, plans to transform the social networking giant into its Web3 version. Let’s take stock of his ideas.

Would Elon Musk want to base Twitter on the blockchain?

We know of Elon Musk’s excessive ambitions for Twitter thanks to the leaked messages between the billionaire and Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of the social network. On April 9, the billionaire explained the following:

“I had an idea for a blockchain-based social networking system that would do both payments and short messages / links, like Twitter. “

The idea would be to make users pay for publications, for a paltry amount of a fraction of a cent. This would have minimal impact on common users, but would prevent scammers from sending too many messages.

“You should pay maybe 0.1 DUKE per comment or per repost. “

Elon Musk sees blockchain as a tool to resist censorship. On April 14 you explained that you have a ” Plan B “ for ” a blockchain version of Twitter “.

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Integrate Twitter into the enigmatic “super app” X?

But by then, the Twitter deal had failed and a lengthy legal battle was looming. Until Elon Musk decides to buy back the social network. Will we then see Twitter integrated on a blockchain?

Not necessarily, if we are to believe a short message sent by Elon Musk on April 25th. In the end, he felt that ” a Twitter on the blockchain is not possible “due to scaling issues. The role will then be taken by “X”, its enigmatic application should meet a wide range of needs? The billionaire hinted that the social network would be one of the cornerstones of this new project:

This “super app” could then swallow the social network. When asked about the need to integrate Twitter rather than create a social network, Elon Musk replied which could accelerate the development of XFrom 3 to 5 years “.

Being Elon Musk particularly changeable in his communications, obviously we cannot consider him as a final project. But this shows the billionaire’s ambitionswhich presumably wants to integrate a social network with a payment system, based on blockchain technologies.

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Source: Tech Crunch – Image: Thomas Hawk via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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