NFT: Monde Singulier publishes luxury furniture for the metaverse

For a year, the NFT (for non-fungible token, in French) has been questioning itself : What is it for? How to use it? What impact will it have on the world of design? Passionate about the subject, Alexis Grimaud and Sébastien Baert, at the helm of Monde Singulier, have launched an e-commerce site that offers spaces and furnishings designed for the metaverse and the physical world. A first !

A new field of possibilities

Casa Talia by Sébastien Baert, a paradise in the metaverse. Sébastien Baert / The singular world

Witnesses of the recent craze for NFT and coming from the world of communication and design, Alexis Grimaud and Sébastien Baert came up with the idea of ​​collaborating with designers and producing luxury furniture in NFT. “Video games were the beginning of the metamorphosis, observes Alessio. Today, there are much more advanced metaverses where interactions are important. We wanted to offer beautiful furniture and allow collectors to purchase pieces for use in the metaverse. A feature that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

The cream of designers and architects

The Hello House space by 3D designer Joe Mortell.

The Hello House space by 3D designer Joe Mortell. Joe Mortell

The challenge was a bit crazy: to be successful, it was necessary to bring together the forty most talented 3D designers, product designers and architects in this field. Alba de la Fuente, Axel Chay, Joe Mortell as well as Pietro Franceschini and Charlotte Taylor responded positively to the proposal. “We gave him carte blanche. We talk every day with the artists to build projects together that correspond to our respective visions ”.

The Monde Singulier platform consists of four sections : Spaces, Furniture, My Metavers and Phygital. The latter category concerns NFT furniture that can be produced in the real world, such as the Hortensia armchair by artist Andrés Reisinger, produced by Mooi. “Many brands are interested in this idea says Alessio. Each designer supports the creation of his limited edition pieces which are then sold at auction. In total, the creations of three artists are offered every week.

An easy to use NFT e-commerce site

The floor lamp by designer Axel Chay, available exclusively on the Monde Singulier platform.

The floor lamp by designer Axel Chay, available exclusively on the Monde Singulier platform. Axel Chay

Accessible to all, Monde Singulier’s e-commerce site has an educational purpose. Many explanations are given to collectors and creators who wish to undertake the experience: “We tried to take existing codes from the metaverse to prevent our users from getting lost and considering this virtual world inaccessible.” As proof of this adaptability, purchases can be paid for by credit card or in cryptocurrency.

To enter the circle of Monde Singulierjust fill in a form which is then studied by Sébastien Baert, creative head of the studio: “There is really a curative work in our selection and this desire to work side by side with the artists”. Today the platform has about sixty creators.

So, is NFT the future of design? Sebastian is sure: It will complement the physical but will never replace it. However, NFT has given a real value to digital ”.

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