Selena Gomez revives the trend with this Mango piece!

On your bank cards! Selena Gomez revives the trend with this Mango piece that you absolutely must have at home!

Are you looking for the perfect coat for this winter? Good news, Selena Gomez has just unveiled the piece you need to urgently have in your dressing room, and it is at Mango that she is!

Selena Gomez revives the oversized coat trend for winter

Followed by thousands of fans around the world, Selena Gomez no longer has to prove herself. And for good reason …

In winter, as in summer, we know we can count on Selena Gomez to inspire us for our looks! Today is no exception to the rule.

In fact, the star has made an appearance in town with a new piece that we already love: the oversized wool coat. Already a key piece of last season, this coat is making a comeback in our wardrobes.

It was during an evening with her friends that Selena Gomez made us adopt her. For the occasion, she chose a basic and comfortable look.

He wore a striped shirt, jeans, and thigh-high black boots. Very classic, don’t you think? Not to mention the fulcrum of her outfit: this famous one long and oversized coat in black wool which immediately gives her a much more chic style.

Found in Mango, on the cut of this piece is perfect and fits all body types. The Tailored oversized wool coat differs above all from other wool trench coats thanks to the shoulder pads, double-breasted closure and decorative belt.

To get this sublime Mango coat, count 179.99 €. It is available in two colors: black or gray.

Mango: the place to buy the basics of the moment

Mango has long been unanimous in our wardrobes. And it’s not Selena Gomez who tells you otherwise.

In fact, Mango really offers it all parts to have urgently house for the winter. The brand has really thought of everything!

His Engaged selection and collectionsin particular, offer a collection of clothing with impeccable silhouettes and high quality materials: cashmere, leather, wool, silk … ⁣ Designed with a timeless style to keep them in your dressing room for a long time. “

The Spanish giant therefore focuses on garments that are easy to wear every day and that can be worn over the seasons. Top quality?

At a time when the fast fashion industry is increasingly controlled, the majority of Internet users I prefer to bet on the basics and validate the concept. Selena Gomez understood this well too and illustrates it perfectly in her latest outfit.

And yes, because the basics of this winter can afford it create trendy and chic looks. For this, in addition to this oversized wool coat, you absolutely must have in your wardrobe: high-waisted jeans, black faux leather pants, a sailor sweater, an oversized white shirt and of course the famous black sheath dress.

And with shoes? Choose a pair that you will wear more often and that are easy to combine with all your looks. This will be especially true with a pair of black boots and a pair of white sneakers.

Don’t forget the accessories must have for winter ! Also available on Mango, we opt for a black or beige XXL scarf, a wool hat and a pair of leather gloves. So, are you ready to face the winter with your new clothes?

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