Phill Spencer, the XBOX boss, destroys the metaverse and its architecture!

Tue 01 Nov 2022 ▪ 13:00 ▪
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If the metaverse is the technology of the present and the future for some, others are still hungry and wait a little longer before igniting. This is the case of Phill Spencer, head of games at Microsoft and boss of Xbox. During the WSJ Convention Live, he was quite critical of the metaverse. He considers it a “badly constructed videogame”. Spencer believes the industry is young and still has plenty of room for improvement. Rather harsh words, which show that the metaverse is still far from unanimous despite the many advances made.

Phill Spencer isn’t convinced by the current version of the metaverse game.

Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s games CEO and Xbox chief pointed out the defects of the metaverse. Without hesitation, he acknowledges the inadequacy of the current version of this game that he considers unfinished. Recall that the metaverse is an innovative concept proposed by some companies. Logically, they find their interest in it and do not fail to praise a concept that, according to Spencer, always is ” blurry “.

Many people remain cautious and express reservations about building the game, it goes without saying that when the criticism comes from a personality like Phill Spencer the repercussions are even greater. The Xbox boss was taking advantage of his time at WSJ convention live to deliver his unfiltered opinion on the metaverse.

Some scholars see Spencer’s statements as a covert attack on Meta. In fact, Microsoft’s head of games expects more from developers. To this end he states that : “Video game creators have an incredible ability to create compelling worlds in which we want to spend time; building a living room-like metaverse is not the way I want to spend my time. “. Spencer is not on his first try, last August he would have already expressed his skepticism in the face of the buzz that the metaverse is experiencing. According to him, to say that it is a new technology is misleading. Because the development of this game has been going on for almost 30 years.


In summary, Spencer was not content with pointing out the architectural shortcomings of the metaverse, as well as play-to-earn (P2E) models. He took the opportunity to criticize the model of non-fungible token-backed games (NFTs). An undoubtedly strategic exit, given that his company has been developing projects that integrate metaverse technology for several months.


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