GameStop officially launches its dedicated NFT marketplace for games

GameStop and Immutable X have jointly unveiled their platform dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFT), which has been in beta for a few months. GameStop NFT is now in its final version and allows you to trade NFTs that can be used in the video games offered by Immutable.

GameStop unveils its dedicated NFT market

GameStopthe company specializing in the distribution of video games that we know in France for its acquisition of the Micromania-Zing chain of storeshas just released her long awaited one marketplace dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFT).

This Play to Earn platform, the creation of which was announced last February, is the result of a collaboration between GameStop and Immutable Xa second level solution (level 2) on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

Layer 2 are protocols that act as an overlay of a blockchain in order to improve its scalability and reduce the price of its transactions. To find out more, read our sheet dedicated to second layer solutions.

More specifically, the NFTs offered on the platform called “GameStop NFT” appear as content that can be used directly in the Immutable X video games, in particular the RPG Illuvium, the God’s Unchained card game, the MMORPG Ember Swords, or even the RPG mobile Guild of Guardians.

In order to encourage NFT creators and video game developers to evolve on its platform, Immutable X also unveiled a $ 100 million aid program last February.

Launched in beta last July, the GameStop and Immutable X market has seen its trading volume exceed that of Coinbase’s dedicated NFT platform in just 48 hours.

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The platform will not benefit from any momentum from the gaming NFT market. The latter, in fact, is not in its best form, just like the classic NFT market:

Weekly sales of nft games

Gaming NFT Daily Sales

Despite everything, GameStop NFT enjoys substantial support: Immutable has seen its rating exceed $ 2.5 billion last March following a fundraiser that saw the appearance of big names in the sector such as Animoca Brands or Tencent.

With the launch of its platform, Immutable is confident and wants to offer the best of Web3 games to its players, as confirmed by Robbie Ferguson, president and co-founder of Immutable X:

“The launch of GameStop’s NFT Marketplace means we can now open up access to millions of more NFTs to more of the best Web3 games under development today, while maintaining a top-notch experience for gamers. “

Furthermore, GameStop concluded a major partnership with FTX’s US subsidiary last monthin particular with regard to initiatives for online commerce and to offer gift vouchers that can be used on the 2nd largest cryptocurrency trading platform.

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