How Depozen facilitates the relationship with clients of real estate agencies in the context of a rental.

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An alternative to the security deposit, the Depozen solution, borne by tenants, aims to restore trust between tenants and private owners, explains its president Corentin Lescanne. And he turns out to be an important business facilitator for real estate agents.

Corentin Lescane, Julien Mathieu and Antoine Georges, the three co-founders of Depozen – © DR

What is Depozen?

Our solution is the first alternative to the security deposit in the context of a real estate lease. On the tenant’s side, it allows him to save this famous deposit when he moves in. On the part of the owner, it protects it better since it is covered up to 120% of the security deposit.

When we, with my two partners, Antoine Georges and Julien Mathieu, launched this startup in April 2021, we had this dual ambition to make the rental relationship simpler and more transparent and to restore trust between tenants and private owners.

Because, on this last point, let’s not forget that today two out of three disputes between landlords and tenants are linked to security deposits, for disputes relating to the non-payment of the last month, dissent on the cost and responsibility of the damage, or missing supporting documents for repairs.

What are the benefits for real estate agencies of using your solution?

It allows them, first of all, to save a lot of time in processing rental practices as with Depozen this issue of the security deposit is no longer necessary. In addition to reimbursing the real estate agent within 48 hours, we offer this solution completely free of charge (as well as to the owner).

In addition, our tool allows them to make properties more attractive to future tenants as they do not have the famous one or two month rent to pay at the start of the rental.

Finally, I add that our platform is very comfortable for real estate agents to use and that it is very well perceived by their clients. The proof: When our solution is presented in an agency, prospective tenants hold it eight times out of ten.

What are your sources of income?

They come primarily from the tenant: to subscribe to Depozen, the latter pays 0.9% of his security deposit monthly. For example, for a rent of 800 euros, Depozen’s monthly payment amounts to 7.20 euros.

We also market home insurance for owners and tenants. We work with brokers who distribute their products and with whom we share commissions.

Did you raise money to get started?

No. We were formed with our own funds, with a grant from the BPI and bank loans. For now we don’t need to raise funds, we have enough money.

What data inform about your business dynamics?

At the end of October, we had more than 120 partner real estate agencies or property management companies using our solution. In terms of goals, we have set ourselves the goal of exceeding the 20,000 tenant mark by the end of 2023.

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