Nexity: sales down at the end of September 2022 and acquisition of the Angelotti group


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In addition to revenues down 4% in the first nine months of the year, the Nexity group announced on October 26 the acquisition of the Angelotti group, a regional leader in residential development and development in Occitania.

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The Nexity Group recorded a 4% decline in revenues in nine months in 2022, to 2.95 billion euros. At the end of September, it recorded 11,446 new home bookings in residential real estate development, or -8% in volume and -5% in value, at 2.6 billion euros).

Furthermore, and while Nexity Group presented its key financial data on October 26, it announced the completion of the acquisition of the Angelotti group, a regional leader in residential development and development in Occitania, starting from October 1.uh November 2022.

Reconstitution of the commercial offer

Sales prices per square meter for the Nexity Group remained growing (+ 2% for retail sales and + 6% for wholesale sales compared to the same period in 2021). The commercial offer is recovering (+ 14% to 8,180 lots compared to 7,199 as of 30 June 2022) thanks to the increase in building permits obtained (+ 26%), while remaining at historically low levels.

In corporate real estate development, the group recorded orders acquired for 108 million euros at the end of September 2022. Revenues for the first nine months of the year amounted to 249 million euros, down by 31% compared to the end of September 2021.

A CA ” in line with our expectations “

In a difficult market environment, our leadership position in real estate businesses, our size, the diversity of our products, particularly in the managed real estate sector, and our territorial network, give us the means to outperform the market. Our service activities continue their growth dynamic driven by student residences and coworking. Revenue for the first nine months is in line with our expectations, our backlog ensures future revenue and our growth potential gives us visibility. Nexity is confident in its ability to achieve its 2022 targets. We are particularly vigilant in the current environment on the control of our commitments and the control of our debt says Véronique Bédague, CEO of Nexity.

“Producing 25% of housing at the 2025 threshold of the RE 2020 from 2022” (P. Roques)

To produce, starting from 2022, 25% of homes that meet the carbon performance thresholds set for 2025 by the RE 2020; increase this share of our production by 25% every year; and develop technologies that can measure the carbon footprint in housing construction and operation. These are the objectives indicated by Patrice Roques, managing director of social housing and residences managed for the Nexity group, in an interview granted to our partner News Tank during 1982.And USH Congress in Lyon, 28 September 2022.

A third of our production is sold to social owners, we were at 29% in 2021 and we are at 1uh mid 2022 at 30%. To 30% is added the production of 5% of intermediate housing. But in 2022, the main challenge for social housing remains knowing how we will collectively reach the 150,000 housing units in France that we need to achieve. “, He confides.

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