Sikiwis signs 40 new contracts

Sikiwis, a French company founded in 2009 by veterans from Veolia’s information systems department, has invested 14 years of research and development in low-code and no-code web and mobile application technologies. The player specialized in low / no code confirms its position as payroll player with the signing of 14 new payroll / finance and accounting contracts from 1 September 2022, bringing the number of customers on board the U- solutions to 40 PAIE ET. ERP DSN and U-ERP FINANCE from the second half of this year.

With 40 new clients on payroll and finance, Sikiwis positions itself as an actor in advanced accounting and financial technologies for companies, associations and public structures.

Sikiwis implements for its customers its expert solutions, U-ERP FINANCE low / no code with all accounting functions, bank reconciliations, AI invoice recognition, but also HRIS, time management solution and badge reader.

The leader in low / no code ERP architecture provides its 40 new ERP clients for payroll, accounting and finance. Customers who have recently placed their trust in Sikiwis are present in all sectors: industry, energy, services, accountants, associations, construction, commerce and even crafts.

The main goal is to simplify these highly regulated processes thanks to a single architecture that allows for significant flexibility in configuration. U-ERP PAIE & DSN, for example, allows you to integrate payroll rules in pure configuration to adapt to all specificities, be they territorial, relating to contractual types or types of structures in record time.

These turnkey finance and payroll ERPs offer new Sikiwis partners 100% compliant payrolls at very competitive prices.

Thanks to the Sikiwis U-ERP expert platform, which takes the form of 500 business software modules Ready to use and fully configurable, it is possible to create cutting-edge financial ERPs and extend them to all company activities by adding additional bricks. Its unified architecture ensures pooling between projects and reduces maintenance efforts. U-ERP solutions are an essential component of the journey to digital transformation.

Sikiwis customers can fully customize the integration of their solutions. These concern the transmission of secure documents to the electronic signature of legal documents and contracts, the making of appointments, or even the complete HRIS that goes from hiring the employee to the edition of his paycheck through training, advanced management of flows of work, to the generation of complex shapes and many other solutions… The technology adapts to 100% of the processes and is operational in a few weeks.

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