Instagram announces the creation and sale of NFT on Polygon

After the exhibition, instagram announces that it will be offered soon creators from miner And sell their NFT On And except for of his platform. The social network will provide them with a complete tool Compatible with polygon.

instagram it projects itself more and more into the skin of a NFT market. The social network of Half indeed, he continues to enrich his own features in the field of non-fungible tokens.

In early August, the platform extended the feature by allowing creators to expose their NFTs to 100 countries. instagram now prepares to move on to the stage of monetization.

Create, display and sell NFTs on Instagram

The company announces the imminent arrival of new tools for creators using its Instagram and Facebook services. On the first, they will then “soon” have a tool kit allowing the creation (the mint)the sale and theexposure of tokens.

It is therefore an “end-to-end” application that the social network will offer to give them the opportunity monetize your collectibles at its service, but also outside it. Instagram is therefore clearly approaching the role of a market.

The American company does not specify the release date of its application, which will initially only be compatible with the Polygonal blockchain. Also, at this stage, these new NFT features only affect a “small group of creators in the US”.

Phased distribution to other countries

However, Instagram adds that it hopes they will soon extend their use to other markets. This is already the distribution process it had adopted to test users’ appetite for its NFT exposure functionality.

It will undoubtedly take several months. The care of NFT on Instagram started in May in the United States, before being rolled out to 100 countries in August. This feature also benefits from new features.

On his blog, Instagram indicates this NFT display is no longer just for images, but also for videos. Additionally, the social network adds support for Solana’s blockchain and Phantom wallet.

Finally, the information relating to some collections whose metadata have been enriched by OpenSea, such as the name and descriptions of the collections, will now be available on Instagram ”, concludes the publisher.

Monetization target and creators for Meta

As pointed out The borderthese functional additions occur as Meta integrates new ones new monetization options to its platform. Earlier this week, Gafam rolled out its professional mode more broadly.

Its use provides dedicated tools and functions, including a Stars virtual currency turnover system, developing. Internet users can also donate money to the creators from the work page. And again, the payment is made in Stars.

The Diem is no longer there, but Meta has not completely renounced the digital currency, even if it is closer to a centralized virtual currency such as the one offered for example by Epic Games on Fortnite.

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