Interpol launches its first office in the metaverse to train police officers and fight crime in virtual environments.

PARIS, October 27 (Benin News / EP) –

The Web site International Criminal Police Organization or International Police (Interpol) has announced the launch of its first office in the metaverse, where it will train European Union officials. investigators and police officers, and with which he shows his intention to understand and fight crime in this virtual environment.

The organization demonstrated this space at its 90th General Assembly in New Delhi (India), where it unveiled the metaverse replica of its headquarters, the General Secretariat in Lyon (France).

According to Interpol, this version in the metaverse will allow agency agents “to interact with other agents through their avatars without geographic or physical boundaries,” it specifies in a press release.

In the metaverse office, which is powered by Interpol’s secure cloud, workers will also be able to take intensive forensic investigation courses, as well as learn additional skills. police capacity and capacity.

This organization is aware of it that “for many, the metaverse portends an abstract future”, but the questions it raises are the same that have guided Interpol in recent years: “Helping our member countries to fight crime and make the world, virtual or otherwise, safer for those who live there,” said the secretary. Interpol General Jürgen Stock..

In order to provide permanent and specialized assistance in the metaverse, Interpol has announced the creation of a group of experts who can notify the police compared to the risks of the global scenario.


Interpol took into account the results of research conducted by the technology company Gartner to show the need to create a useful and realistic space in the metaverse. The study warns that, by 2026, one in four people will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse. to work, shop and interact with other users.

This universe is booming, as is cybercrime, which increases with the growth of digitization, according to the Commission’s recently released Global Crime Trends Report.

Based on these predictions for the future, Interpol hopes of community protectionIt hopes to protect communities, address threats and ensure the rule of law throughout the metaverse as well. He has also partnered with Meta, Microsoft and other tech giants to define and govern the metaverse.

Interpol also knows that the number of metaverse users increases as the number of metaverse users increases. recognized and criminalized crimes such as sexual harassment, phishing, financial fraud, and ransomware, among others.

If these crimes are condemned in real life, Interpol wants to tackle them first in the metaverse to do so create regulatory frameworks “and weed out future criminal markets before they are fully formed,” added Madan Oberoi, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer.

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