[Les carnets] Sandrine Rousseau: Stop laughing – Debates

It had to happen. And it happened. We learned in these days that Netflix was planning a new series whose heroine, played by Marina Foïs, is inspired by the character of Sandrine Rousseau … To see the happy and flattered air of the principal concerned, blushing with ease at the evocation of this project, we felt we had achieved a great goal for her. True political consecration is not so much being elected or exercising responsibility – too many obstacles and hatreds in sight for those who venture into it – but inspiring a film or series too – soon? – a video game. Then, and only then, is true glory obtained, that of influence and immortality.

Reality no longer has any interest – many authors had predicted it, from Guy Debord to Jean Baudrillard -; what matters is the film it will produce.

In the moment in which we are told that the metaverse can make each of us actors of a parallel life in the digital world, therefore in the moment in which we are called to become our own avatars, political life is played more than ever on the theater. appearances than action.

It must be said that the figure of Sandrine Rousseau, a perfect figure in the society of the spectacle, has managed to crystallize, both in substance and in form, the trends taking place in our democratic societies … and that could well put an end to them. . .

At first, everyone else giggled, at least they smiled. The excesses, the provocations, provoked debates in the family, made old white males look like Yannick Jadot or Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Step out of dad-style ecology or outdated Marxism. The one who shared the surname of the great Jean-Jacques also had in common with him the abolition of the boundary between what is intimate and what is public. You thought barbecue was family fun; you were wrong: it is a political argument. You thought one could smile at such an approach; you were wrong: Madame Rousseau seriously states that one day it will be necessary to filter out what is acceptable humor (at this stage the humor that targets him is not acceptable). You thought that the love life of his party leader did not concern you, you were wrong: you must have known all or most of the despair of Julien Bayou’s ex-wife. Which among other things served the interests of Sandrine Rousseau in her race to control the said party.

If there is one who stopped smiling a long time ago, it is Yannick Jadot. Its unfortunate competitor in the environmental primary turned into a cannonball for the first time, and this cannonball ended up crushing it. Watch Sandrine Rousseau’s reaction when Jadot had her car vandalized by protesters who didn’t find her green enough: she showed her understanding of her for the new radicalism! “We need a combat ecology,” she justified. What you reiterated in support of the demonstrators who injured 61 gendarmes in Sainte-Soline.

The incredible success of Sandrine Rousseau’s strategy – who, in just a year, has succeeded in nothing less than becoming everyone’s conversation star – must not hide what is at stake behind this new political rhetoric. The justification of the attack on freedoms and the justification of violence have always led to the worst, namely the attack on fundamental democratic values. In fact, we no longer feel like laughing.

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