Boris Johnson, speaker at a blockchain conference

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After his expulsion from the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson is increasingly sought after by world-class conference organizers. In September, the Colorado Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers invited him to give a speech. This roughly 30-minute performance earned him a check for $ 130,000. For December, BoJo is expected by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and other traders at the International Blockchain Advances Symposium in Singapore.

Boris Johnson will talk about blockchain

According to The Guardian, Boris Johnson will be the keynote speaker at the International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements scheduled in Singapore. Sometimes, he will give the main speech to the audience. Far from being a newbie to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, this vice speaker will likely be entitled to the same salary as last September during his trip to Colorado.

In any case, there will be no shortage of celebrities at this meeting in Singapore on December 2. The former US vice president, Dick Cheney, for example, will respond together with the former British prime minister.

Also note the lack of detail on BoJo’s speech at this symposium. However, its title offers an overview of the main axis that stakeholders will need to take into account. Comedian Dom Joly mocked Mr. Johnson on Twitter, parodying his style, his clumsiness in terms of eloquence and his fondness for Latin expressions.

Tweet from Dom Joly

British politicians land in cryptocurrency heaven

CoinMarketCap highlighted the names of British politicians who joined specialized cryptocurrency companies after their expulsion from the administrative apparatus. Among these are:

  • Philip Hammond, former chancellor turned senior advisor to Copper, a digital asset custodian;
  • Matt Hancock, former health secretary and pro-crypto, is expected to speak at the Crypto AM Summit in London.

As for Boris Johnson, he confirmed to Sky New that he will soon go to Cop27 scheduled in Egypt. An event that will also be attended by the new boss of 10 Downing Street, Rishi Sunak.

I have a special interest in climate issues “, he precised.

Singapore, the future Asian capital of cryptocurrencies?

We are not aware that Boris Johnson was hoping to return to his post as Prime Minister following the departure of Liz Truss. After his retirement, probably motivated by large checks from the crypto and financial universe, he accepted the invitation and airline tickets to Singapore.

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