The Elrond blockchain becomes MultiversX and centers its ecosystem around the metaverse

During conference X daywhich takes place in Paris, Benjamin Mincu came to announce the rebranding fromElrond. The blockchain thus takes the name of MultiversX e reorganization his ecosystem around metaverse. The goal is to become a complete ecosystem by creating bridges between virtual worlds and the real world “, Explains the company in its press release. By the way, from New products I was ads.

After the speech by Jean-Noël Barrot (French minister in charge of the digital transition), recalling the ambitions of Emmanuel Macron and France around the digital revolution represented by the blockchain and metaverses, Beniamin Minciu, co-founder and CEO de Elrond, arrived to announce an important news for its blockchain.

Launched in 2017, the Elrond blockchain now becomes MultiversX. The CEO of the company explains that he wants to embark on a “journey, an exploration to make new discoveries”. For this reason, the ecosystem has been turning to a central element for several months: the metaverse. Three new products were thus launched:

  • x Fabricwith the aim of “transforming the new culture that NFTs represent”, it brings together different applications for the physical and virtual world in order to easily create NFTs.
    Its goal is “to help artists and creators earn a living through their work, and thus initiate a new wave of creativity”.
  • xPortal, “gateway to the metaverse” which replaces the Maiar application. This product introduces an avatar that can have cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but also interact in the metaverse, chat with a dedicated messaging service or even earn experience points …
    In detail, the company explains that “The goal is to allow, for example, to earn cryptocurrencies by creating or playing in the metaverse, being able to move the avatar from one metaverse to another, then use them to buy a pair of shoes from gymnastics. in the real world “.
  • xmondi it is simply the metaverse introduced by MultiversX scheduled for next year. It will be possible to test it in beta from December 10, 2022. We learn in passing that the latter will be an open universe that will allow “hyper-realistic social interactions, as well as economic exchanges”.

MultiversX also announces a new version of DEX, which is now called xExchange. New farming methods were introduced along the way; the blocked MEX token recharges with energy; and the BNB chain is now supported, carrying more erc20 tokens, BEP20 and DEX pairs (available next week).

Finally, several rebranding they are part of:

  • xMoney encrypted ;
  • x FIAT money ;
  • → xSpotlight ;
  • Maiar wallet → x Wallet ;
  • Elrond Explore → xExplorer ;
  • Elrond Bridge (Ad Astra portal) → x Bridges ;
  • Launchpad Maiar → x Launchpad.

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