With Blockchain Node Engine, Google debuts on Ethereum

Google strengthens its links with the ecosystem of web developers3. Its GCP subsidiary is launched Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine for the supplying from knotsstarting with Ethereum.

Just over a year behind its big cloud rival AWS Google in turn offers a blockchain node distribution service On Ethereum. This network, however, is only a first step, the Mountain View firm says.

Blockchain NodeEngine specifically targets the web developers3, a sector that now matters and in which GCP intends to increase its market share. Through this new managed service, Google intends to make life easier for blockchain players.

Facilitate and secure web applications3

The purpose of the cloud solution is therefore to provide developers with a means “to provide fully managed Ethereum nodes, with secure access. Upon provisioning, customers can activate a node on a main network or testnetand in the region of their choice.

To seduce blockchain application designers, Google therefore relies on simplification and automation.

Today, manually deploying a node is a time-consuming process that involves provisioning a compute instance, installing an Ethereum client (e.g. geth), and waiting for the node to sync with the network.

Google Cloud also highlights the built-in security features and benefits of managed services. On the shutter safetyusers have access to preconfigured security configurations for protecting nodes.

GCP adds to Virtual Private Cloud Firewall to improve security and announces the possible integration with other of its services to increase the level of protection. This is, for example, Cloud armoran anti-DDoS level.

Coinbase Google cloud user

Finally, for maintenance and operations, Google relies on the managed cloud service. “Blockchain Node Engine is a service fully managedwhich can mean you don’t have to worry about availability, “clarifies the giant.

Google thus ensures the management of the infrastructure through active monitoring of the nodes, automatic restart in case of failure. It also undertakes to comply with the SLAs. The promise: the client company can focus on its users, its core business, and not on the infrastructure.

This is a second major announcement from GCP in October and a sign of Gafam’s growing interest in the Web3 market. At his annual conference Next ’22has signed a strategic partnership with Coinbase.

The American exchange has pledged to leverage several Google cloud bricks, specifically to design its global data platform. Google will open cryptocurrency payment based on Coinbase Commerce.

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