The ultimate financial solution for content creators?

The creative economy is booming. According to specialists, it should reach more than 100 billion dollars. However, the creators believe that their relationships with their users are “blocked” on specific platforms. Fortunately, the blockchain allows you to unlock this type of lock. Blockchain can indeed help creators achieve their main goal: to connect wallets and share them (especially on Facebook and Instagram).

Meta for Creators announcement about new possibilities for creators

Blockchain will help creators design NFTs and sell them directly on Instagram

We all know that Instagram is about to launch a market for NFT. Thanks to the blockchain, creators can then use Instagram to sell, for example, an entrance ticket in the form of an NFT for a certain event.

This is a possibility that allows creators to establish direct and more profitable relationships with their audience. More concretely, it is a profitable solution that allows creators to easily monetize their work.

The case of Solana: an example that demonstrates the undeniable effectiveness of the blockchain

After Meta said creators could create their own NFTs on Instagram and sell them directly to fans, Solana joined the ranks. In fact, Solana Phantom wallets are now integrated on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, according to the article, the price of Solana (SOL) rebounded 4% after this Instagram integration. This shows that adopting Web3 technology, such as blockchain, is beneficial for creators.

As Stephane Kasriel said, Meta is on a mission to help creators monetize their creations. To do this, Meta will continue to explore ways to integrate blockchain and digital assets into meta technologies. But most of all Meta will implement the means to make them easier to use, both for creators and for users.

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