NFT: MasterCard finally available on OxPolygon

Incredible but true! This is the phrase that describes what happened at the Singapore Fintech Festival. During this event, MasterCard did a complete demonstration on buying NFT on OxPolygon via MasterCard.

Incredible ! MasterCard shows you how to buy NFT on OxPolygon

Buying NFT on the Polygon testnet with a Mastercard credit card: yes, it is possible!

Yes, it is now possible to purchase NFTs via a credit card. MasterCard, one of the largest payment companies, demonstrated this at the Singapore Fintech Festival. A representative from the MasterCard booth demonstrated how to perform an NFT credit card transaction on the Polygon testnet.

This demonstration was filmed and shared on the web. A scene that surprised more than one and that many congratulated. In the video we can see an NFT purchase made from a metamask wallet and paid directly via a MasterCard connected to the crypto wallet.

The transaction went smoothly on Polygon’s Mumbai testnet. The purchased NFT appears in the wallet after only a few seconds. And the most interesting thing is that the commission only amounts to tens of cents of dollars. Something to delight the many NFT and cryptocurrency followers!

A scene praised by many

Inevitable co-founder Kayna Oliveira was one of the first to greet not only this scene, but also the process initiated by MasterCard. As a builder, she finds it exhilarating to see user barriers break down in this way. According to Kayna Oliveira, this allows you to implement more complex functionality while maintaining ease of use.

NFTBOOKS also called this scene “fantastic”. The famous NFT dedicated to books even added that it is for this reason that it has chosen OxPolygon to manage its mainnet.

Does this scene reflect an adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFT by MasterCard? Apparently yes! One thing is certain, though: this scene and approach undoubtedly facilitates access to NFTs and cryptocurrencies for the general public. Thanks to payment giants like MasterCard, NFTs are in fact more present in the public space.

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