BtoB financing: Unlimited accelerates!

Financing for digital businesses: Unlimited in full acceleration

In an economic situation overwhelmed by uncertainty, Unlimited and its BtoB financing offer are fundamental. Just nine months after its launch, the young start-up is experiencing a phase of overgrowth: it has already financed more than one hundred customers and granted loans for over 10 million euros, thus allowing many companies in the digital sector to finance their growth.

Intended initially for businesses generating recurring revenue and then for e-commerce, Unlimited’s offering now extends to market retailers and exactly meets their specific cash flow needs.

More than 1000 funding requests in just one month!

Asphalte, an eco-responsible and committed clothing brand, the famous luxury shoes Nodaleto or the emblematic Carel, as well as SaaS players such as Ziqy, Pysae and Wegrow, here are some examples of customers who have used Unlimited’s solutions to finance their growth.

Unlimitd stands out today as a perfectly adapted financing alternative for digital businesses, especially the e-commerce and SaaS sectors. In a context in which entrepreneurs find it increasingly difficult to finance their growth, Unlimitd is experiencing a strong acceleration thanks to its financing solution designed especially for entrepreneurs.

Responding exactly to a hitherto almost ignored market share in France, Unlimitd is undeniably becoming a key player in the financing of digital companies.

“In an economic context where financing options are becoming increasingly rare, we provide entrepreneurs with a credible alternative to traditional financing circuits” explains Julien Zerbib, the founder of Unlimited.

And the results are there: an average rate of 3 million euros of loans per month, more than 100 customers who have been able to finance their development and more than 1,000 requests for financing registered in September 2022 alone. A nice model of acceleration and hyper growth!

A new financing solution for digital entrepreneurs

Until now and in France, the only options companies had to finance themselves were bank loans and fundraising. But today, and in an economic environment that combines high inflation and a significant increase in interest rates, companies have less and less access to this traditional financing.

Digital businesses are bearing the brunt of bank tightening to access business loans and can’t even count on fundraising to finance themselves, as banks are at record lows since 2020.

It is in these complex economic circumstances that Unlimited and its new financing solution stand out as a more than serious and deeply visionary alternative, a solution where 100% of the company capital is preserved and where the entrepreneur is not forced to hire staff. debt.

“Our solutions allow entrepreneurs to easily and quickly access capital to finance their growth” underlines Julien Zerbib, before specifying “The financing offered is non-dilutive, without personal guarantee, and the repayments are indexed to the company’s future turnover. “

The operation of Unlimited is completely digitized. Companies therefore have the possibility to communicate in a very short time all the data relating to their business (bank accounts, accounting and invoicing). Unlimited then assesses the credit risk and can release funds in less than 48 hours. For digital businesses it is a fast, simple and completely transparent financing solution.

Unlimited expands its offer and offers a financing solution adapted to market resellers

A young dynamic BtoB financing platform based on an innovative model in France, Unlimitd is now a partner of one hundred companies thanks to targeted solutions to their problems. Companies in the SaaS sector and subscriptions above all, companies with recurring revenues and which can, with Unlimited, benefit from an advance on future cash flows. Then e-commerce, which with Unlimited finds a solution to finance some of its marketing needs and above all its stock.

Unlimited is now extending its financing offer to market resellers. Unlimited’s solution will allow you to pay them without waiting for payment from Amazon or Cdiscount, for example. They will no longer be subject to cash delays and will be able to invest in their business.

Since its launch in July 2021, Unlimited has raised over € 15 million in initial funding. Today a rapidly expanding player in the BtoB financing sector, the start-up founded by Julien Zerbib (former UBS and co-founder Haussmann Venture) does not intend to stop here but to extend its financing offer to all SMEs.

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