Swiss Blockchain Summit | The Blockchain: an innovation engine for SMEs?

A day of conferences and round tables around the theme of Blockchain for an immersion open to all business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

The Blockchain, everyone is talking about it, but what is it? What can be done with this revolutionary technology?

Making this concept accessible to as many people as possible is the goal set by the Swiss Blockchain Hub Association. By creating a network that brings together the various actors of the Blockchain, a network of experts⸱e⸱ that allows them to grasp the contours and the demonstration of concrete application cases, the association is committed to becoming a project incubator and supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs in the this growing market.

The Blockchain: an innovation engine for Valais SMEs?

Fashion effect or true revolution, how can we learn this hitherto unknown world? Do you have to be able to master all the sometimes very technical jargon to be able to claim to be part of this new ecosystem?

The Valais Association answers all these questions and more. During this first day of the Swiss Blockchain Summit on November 9, industry experts, actors and witnesses of application cases will follow one another in conferences and round tables to disseminate the topic and explain some basic principles, and to give entrepreneurs the legal and operational keys. of the branch.

And Valais in the Blockchain?

And the SMEs of our canton and Valais?

The “Made in Valais” projects did not wait for this summit to see the light of day and will be presented at the Swiss Blockchain Summit. Maxime Winkler (TAUKN), Alain Praz (DIGIGIFT) and Vincent Ricard (MEDALVERSE) will present their project… which will not fail to inspire. The opportunity for entrepreneurs from Valais (and outside the canton) to discover some concrete blockchain practices and interact with new players in the sector.

Without prerequisites and accessible to all, this day of immersion, networking and exchanges aims to be the gateway to the Blockchain. In the presence of experts and through presentations of different use cases, all participants will discover the possibilities for growth and innovation offered.

Association information:
Founded by Géraldine Varone, banking and financial economist, Alain Praz, entrepreneur, Nicolas Rivard, lawyer and Maxime Winkler, entrepreneur. Its main ambition is to enable as many people as possible to understand the challenges of Blockchain technology. The organization of conferences responds to a specific objective: to demonstrate to economic actors, through concrete application cases, that the Blockchain offers real opportunities for growth and innovation. Far from being very (too!) Technical topics (which certainly have their usefulness among experts), these conferences want to be oriented towards concrete application cases of the Blockchain and thus allow entrepreneurs and their consultants (lawyers, notaries, fiduciaries, etc. ) to grasp all the contours through practice. The association also aims to create an ecosystem that brings together Blockchain players in Switzerland to already think about the blockchain of tomorrow. Valais is thus preparing to become a land of reflection on the Blockchain.

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