Web3: a godsend for women

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT … so many terms that at first glance seem a bit barbaric and are attracting more and more attention on the networks. Web3 has quickly become the descriptive term for the vision of a new and better Internet, and women are determined to claim their place in this new ecosystem.

Web3 is an Internet that develops in response to Web2, the network we operate on today. It emphasizes social networks and data centralization, giving immense power to a handful of web giants and leading to numerous abuses, particularly when it comes to protecting personal data. Web3 takes the side of the decentralization : it is built, managed and owned by its users and therefore puts power in the hands of individuals rather than companies.

Karen Jouve is the founder of Doors3, the first independent consulting firm specializing in Web3. He describes it as a trust-based internet, particularly thanks to blockchain technology. ” In the future, instead of logging in via Facebook, we will log in with our Wallet, which is a digital wallet, she describes, ” we can wander around the metaverse to buy e-commerce. In short, it is the dawn of a critical step towards a web that eliminates intermediaries and returns control to its users.

The Web3 represents a real godsend for womenbecause it is based on values ​​like the transparency and the confidence that promote diversity and equity. ” This is a completely new ecosystem still under construction, ” says Karen, “Whose maturity is expected only in three or five years. ” The opportunity for women to take part in it from the start and to be part of the figures of tomorrow.

Democratize Web3 to make it more accessible

However, this is still not certain, as women are still poorly represented in the community. According to Karen, women are more prone to impostor syndrome, and not feeling trained enough in the industry can deter more than one from starting out. However, as the founder of Doors3 recalls, this is a sector under construction: everyone is in the phase of specialization.

The main obstacle however lies in the fact that it is a world born of blockchain and cryptocurrency, an ecosystem that is still predominantly male. This may hold back some women who don’t feel legitimate there. However, according to Karen, all current professions have their place on Web3 and women have their place there. This is why it is essential get it as soon as possible.

After 20 years of career in the media and GAFA world, Marine suitable And Alessandra Watenberg they turned to Web3 at the start of the health crisis because they no longer aligned with the Web2 values ​​they evolved into. Aware of the revolution that this new ecosystem represents for society, at the beginning of 2022 they launched Wagmi Trends, the first French media to democratize the Web3.

web3 trends wagmi

Their goal is for everyone to understand how Web3 works, as soon everyone in society will be directly affected. This digital inclusion translates into free content that explains concrete issues related to the Web3 and puts them into perspective. ” If we take the example of real estate in the metaverse, “Illustrates Alessandra,” we will explain the concept, the stakes, the prospects related to it and that today it is quite possible to buy a small part of a building for the equivalent of 10 € which maybe it will be worth it to be 3000 in a few years. “Or not, he warns, because the investment is never insured,” what you need to understand is that it is a new and growing social phenomenon.

A digital, professional and social revolution

Web3 will offer the same professional opportunities as in the traditional worldsimply transposed into a digital universe. “There will always be a demand for accountants, project managers, engineers, confirms Alessandra, ” and can attract those who no longer align with traditional corporate values.

This is also the opinion of Benjamin Boutin Sparktrainer e Main speaker in the middle of Web3, which insists on the importance of learning Web3 without judging and understanding how it works in order to own it. “When we go digital, we inevitably come across Web3”, He explains “And we understand that these are simply additional tools for the upcoming digital society.The real world will continue to operate in parallel with the digital world. This is why we must keep our feet in reality and provide hybrid solutions anchored to the physical and digital.

web3 benjamin boutin

Through this digital revolution, there is a social revolution that is done. “We need to understand what is happening”, Alexandra Watenberg insists, “on Web2 we let ourselves be overwhelmed by the advent of GAFA in the 2000s, by the collection of our data and we have suffered the consequences: fake news on Facebook, cyberbullying, conspiracy theories , etc. The Web3 folds these cards, offers new perspectives and you have to catch the moving train. The Web3 raises important questions in terms of the environment and ethics. We need to make sure we build and make informed choices today so as not to reproduce the mistakes of the past.

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