Boursorama is accelerating its development with 1,000,000 new clients since January and nearly € 61 billion of assets under administration in Q3 2022

graphical evolution of the number of card operationsgraph of the evolution of the number of customers

The banking model offered by Boursorama continues to convince a growing number of French people: with over 1 million new customers since the beginning of the year, the customer base has now reached over 4.3 million people at the end of September 2022. The rate of acquisition remains underpinned by over 100,000 new customers per month on an organic basis (excluding ING).

Boursorama customers are increasingly active and engaged in all activities (banks, stock exchanges, savings, loans, insurance, non-bank products) as shown in particular by the following indicators:

  • Growth in deposits and savings stocks of over 11 billion1 euro in 9 months to reach 46 billion euro at the end of September;
  • Growth in card transactions of over 45% in one year to 148 million transactions in Q3 2022: Free instant transfers accounted for 71% of credit transfers issued and 17% of transfers received in September 2022 (vs. 65% and 10% in 2021). Wallet payments accounted for 17% of card payments in September 2022 (versus 8% in 2021);
  • The success of BoursoMarkets with trading volumes growing by 50% in one year. Almost 20% of active investors on the French equity market in the third quarter of 2022 are clients of Boursorama Banque2 ;
  • Already more than a million transactions on The Corner, which offers an average discount of 8% with more than 80 partners in all consumer universes.

With nearly € 61 billion in total assets under administration in Q3 2022, or nearly € 15,000 per client, these elements demonstrate the commitment and use of Boursorama Banque by its clients as the main bank.

A clear promise kept over time

Boursorama’s raison d’etre is to simplify banking, restore purchasing power to its customers and empower them to act on their money. A particularly relevant promise in the current high inflation environment. This raison d’etre is concretely realized in the fact of offering customers:

  • The cheapest bank:
    • Day-to-day banking: designated the cheapest bank for 14 consecutive years with an average of € 7.79 in annual fees against € 210 in the market in 20213 ;
    • The stock market: with Boursomarkets, over 40,000 products in free access with brokerage at 0 € on the 6 asset classes (warrants / certificates, ETFs, OPCs, FCPI / FIP, real estate Crownfunding, Private Equity);
    • Long-term savings: Matla, the cheapest PERin on the market at less than 1% all-inclusive fees, widely awarded in recent weeks (Challenges Trophies, Le Revenu, Toutsurmesfinances, Le Particulier)
    • Loans: Designated the cheapest bank on personal loans in 20214 ;
    • Insurance: Boursorama is the cheapest bank on the market for mortgage insurance, regardless of the age or profile of the borrowers5 ;
    • Good deals from The Corner: an average discount of 8% from more than 80 partners across all consumer universes.
  • A complete and responsible offer of 39 products and 1,000 functionalities to carry out all their projects;
  • Simple, fluid, fast and accessible interfaces and paths from any fixed or mobile terminal6 ;
  • Useful information, advice and tools to help customers make free and informed decisions about their money, enjoying the autonomy they want and supporting them when they need it.

It is undoubtedly for all these reasons that Boursorama Banque enjoys a recommendation rate of almost 90% and that more than half of its new customers arrive on the recommendation of a close friend.

1 Average receivables in the period of which 7 billion euros of average receivables from former ING customers
2 Data obtained on the basis of those of the MFA for the third quarter of 2022, which classifies the data by type of product
3 Source Le Monde / – December 2021 – Source of rankings and price studies since 2009
4 Study by and Squirel at work January 2022
5 Through a Profideo study conducted in June 2022 on borrower insurance, Boursorama Banque emerged as the cheapest bank on the market for group borrower insurance, regardless of profile, age and amount. Also, under the age of 40, your borrower insurance is generally 60% to 80% lower than the market average, generating average savings of between € 5,500 and € 8,500 for a policyholder who is 100% covered.
6(1st prize of the Google Finance UX Benchmark 2022 in the Banking category with a score of 17.5 / 20, N ° 1 application on the iOS and Google Play stores)

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