Soon city in the metaverse? Several governments don’t hesitate to get started!

The metaverse is attracting more and more people, it’s a fact! Its success is such that it is discussed in official forums such as the World Economic Forum. Furthermore, it was during this event that we learned, among other sources, that several countries are ready to offer cities in the metaverse. You are in the right place to find out more!

A short tour of the countries wishing to start

The metaverse is not a joke, it is a reality towards which more and more countries are moving. In fact, during the World Economic Forum in June 2022, the metaverse was among the most interesting topics of discussion. He has mainly been involved in medical rescue missions, although many countries recognize that he can be included in almost any field.

During this forum, some countries hinted that they are eagerly awaiting the UN decision on the regulation of web products3. From the forum we know that the UAE has created a “metaverse office”, South Korea has implemented the digital New Deal and China is developing its own metaverse platform.

The number of countries wishing to offer cities to the metaverse remains uncertain, but we can already count China, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and France. So that tomorrow’s adults can familiarize themselves with metaverse-oriented campuses, they have even been created.

A future full of surprises

During the World Economic Forum in June 2022, the UAE discussed metaverse cybersecurity. China, meanwhile, wants to engage in anti-money laundering strategies. As for South Korea, it wants to integrate the metaverse into the administration. India is currently a very active country in everything related to the web3.

At the moment, the companies most active in advancing the metaverse are Second Life and Facebook. However, observers and analysts at Ernst & Young report that this very promising market could be worth nearly $ 759 billion by 2026. Furthermore, some specialists fear that the web3 could further limit the freedom of citizens.

However, if things go well for the virtual world, it will be possible to perform and manage marriages in the metaverse, and the hospital already exists in some metaverses. In short, the future is full of surprises in the world of the web3.

The fact that governments are interested in the metaverse is no small feat and they already know that setting up a hospital to learn medicine is a good idea. In fact, their interest only demonstrates how useful the metaverse can be for humanity and that it’s not just about fun. At the moment, the equipment to fully enjoy the metaverses is still expensive, but that too will change soon.


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