What will travel trends be in 2023, according to Amadeus?

As every year, Amadeus presents its “Travel Trends”, the result of an analysis of its travel data. Here is the result …


As a way to live richer and more engaging experiences, especially cultural ones, or to “test before buying”, particularly expensive products such as cruises, the Metaverse should develop.

This is already the case, Amadeus cites three examples: Walt Disney who “plans to create a theme park in the real world that will integrate a parallel experience into a 3D virtual world;” Metaverse Seoul in which the Korean capital will open the its parallel universe in 2023; Qatar Airways’ Qverse, which offers an immersive experience to visit, navigate and check-in at Hamad International Airport.

Payment biometric

Amadeus sees biometric payments, via ApplePay and GooglePay, ready to kickstart an edge in the travel industry. If a traveler uses biometrics to check in, drop off their bags and board the plane, these identity checks could also be used to cover any payments they might make while traveling, such as adding a meal on board. , providing a seamless checkout experience.

Travel retailer Hudson used the Amazon One biometric payment solution at the Nashville International Airport store, allowing customers to go out while paying with the palm of their hand.

To pack the light

Travelers are more aware of their carbon footprint and the cost of checked baggage, which has the effect of reducing the volume of suitcases. Trolleys full of designer suitcases are no longer a status symbol, on the contrary.

Hotels and resorts increasingly offer the rental of bulky items, such as sports equipment and training clothing. Therefore, Hilton offers home appliances and sports equipment, helping travelers get closer to a “zero suitcase stay”.

Work while roaming

Remote workers will adopt an increasingly nomadic lifestyle, migrating to different places. They will choose to spend more time with their loved ones on domestic soil or they can spend a month working abroad. The number of countries encouraging digital nomads through visa programs and tax breaks is expected to steadily increase.

Countries like Georgia, Croatia, Iceland and Germany have already created official programs to attract digital nomads. Nomadlist is a platform that connects a global community of remote workers living and traveling around the world, helping them find jobs at competitive prices.

Amedeo found a 165% increase in searches for flights from Sydney to Bangkok in September 2022 compared to 2019, but also a 74% increase in searches for flights from Sao Paulo to Lisbon in the same months.

Intra-corporate travel

In recent years, many companies have implemented remote work policies, causing problems with cohesion and collaboration between teams. As a result, we are seeing an increase in “travel within the company”, where teams come together for the specific purpose of building relationships.

American Express Global Business Travel has even published a paper titled “Why Business Travel is at the Center of the New Corporate Culture”. With employee experience more important than ever, team travel plans will grow exponentially, providing a great way to motivate teams, improve employee satisfaction, build loyalty, and unleash creativity.

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