Google Cloud finally launches into Web3 and the blockchain service

Technology giant Google Cloud will soon release a new cloud-based Web3 technology. These are knot engines. Ethereum projects are the first to take advantage of this.

Blockchain Node Engine: what are the advantages of this novelty for Web3?

Thanks to Blockchain NodeEngine, Google Cloud has found the solution to manage nodes efficiently. The failures that mobilized an entire maintenance and follow-up team of the latter will finally disappear. However, if necessary, the company will ensure that there is always meticulous monitoring of the nodes. And if an accident occurs, restarting remains possible.

Blockchain Node Engine has a wide variety of options. The most important is probably Cloud armor, its main function is to block the spam from DDos. These predators are the potential disruptors of the network. And Google Cloud was able to stop an impressive Level 7 DDos attack in time recently this year.

Another interesting Blockchain Node Engine option: the VPC Firewall whose authorization is completely customizable by the user. The latter will be able to geographically choose the exact position of the launch of the nodes.

In reality, these containers will be used to execute codes for cryptocurrency platforms. This requires mobilizing the nodes, because without them, Ethereum and other potential networks will not be functional. As Web3 is a huge network, it requires the mobilization of nodes in considerable quantities. They guarantee its development and protection.

What do Google Cloud directors say about the Web3 service?

The giant Google Cloud box is present in different parts of the world to this day. Its global reach also justified this choice to invest in the Web3 service. Riccardo Widmanat the head of the strategy of this infrastructure, he spoke in an interview with Decrypt during the conference Main network. “It is about erecting a giant gateway that will connect the world of technology industry with the Web3 infrastructure. In this way, cloud services will improve. ”

On the other hand, Giacomo Tromans, The director of the Google Cloud Web3 service will add some explanations. Public curiosity is focused on the utility and efficiency of node engines in resolving network failures. Tromans explains: “The causes of breakdowns are very different. It depends on the state of the underlying structure, if it is faulty the nodes are of great help in solving network problems. However, they must be of very good quality, like Google Cloud nodes. How come ? Because the better they are, the greater the redundancy and the fewer failures there will be ”.

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This reasoning therefore supports the advantage of multiplying nodes in a network. To favor the safety, efficiency and fluidity of the latter, knots can be exploited.

Google’s initiative supports its ambition to be present among the infrastructure providers for the Web3 network.

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