Yann Cucherat asks the majority to “put an end to the commitments with the ship”

The city council on Thursday 10 November was an opportunity for Yann Cucherat, president of the Pour Lyon group, to bounce on the report by Miviludes, the cults supervisory commission on the Nef, a bank widely used by ecologists elected to the city hall.

In question: the links of this bank with the anthroposophical movement, “An ideology that exercises a very dangerous mental hold, especially on the children of its affiliated schools, and on patients who resort to anthroposophical medicine. (…) I quote this official report: “The Universal Anthroposophical Society exercises a preponderant influence over some” ethical “banking institutions such as the New Fraternal Economy (Nef)” “described Yann Cucherat.

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The centrist city councilor criticized the response given recently by the mayor of Lyon Grégory Doucet in the press on this topic as particularly light, “Copied and pasted from the Nave website”. And so she asked, “Awaiting confirmation from Miviludes and our referral to the government, this majority that puts an end to its commitments with the NEF to ensure the neutrality of public power. The Lyons and Lyons would not understand that taxpayers’ money finance sectarian and esoteric projects ”.

Grande Lyon had already borrowed from the Nave in 2012 and 2014

First assistant Audrey Henocque, confirming a € 3 million loan from this bank, recalled that she “Had all the approvals, including that of the Banque de France. And since 2000 he has been able to sue for defamation and win the case, while in 2003 a visit by the banking commission concluded that there was no influence on the bank’s concrete actions ”.

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A way to send Yann Cucherat back to the mandate of Gérard Collomb, where Greater Lyon had also borrowed 3.3 million euros from the Nave in 2012 and 2014, and could therefore already be moved by the ties of the structure. . But also some of the elements of the language recalled by the Nave on its website which Yann Cucherat mentioned. Who recognized: “We made a mistake in making these loans. We should have paid more attention and better controlled the activities of this bank (…) What we remember above all in your answer is that in no time do you condemn anthroposophy and its ramifications “.

A questionnaire will be sent to all future banking partners shortly

Audrey Hénocque, however, confirmed that she had written on November 9 to the president of Miviludes to find out what the report was based on to quote the ship. “Many communities borrow from NEF but it is only in Lyon that the opposition attacks this bank to discredit us.”

Before dismissing the opposition, be careful “most important issues”the first assistant however announced that Council would now send a questionnaire to all its future banking partners “Evaluate the negative impact of some investments on human and environmental rights”. Recalling that the mayor had signed, in Sunday newspaper November 6, a forum calling on banks to give up financing for fossil fuels.

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