Kraken launches its NFT beta version! The surprise ? No transaction fees!

Owning NFT is part of a certain norm nowadays and there are more and more NFT trading platforms, although few are reliable. The good news is that Kraken has also dabbled in NFT trading. Kraken, in fact, launches the beta version of its NFT platform and is an NFT project worthy of interest; Here are the details.

A free NFT platform in beta

Kraken is already known for its services and is even one of the best platforms of the moment. If before it was possible to carry out all kinds of transactions on Kraken, today the platform opens up to NFTs and the announcement is quite interesting. In fact, according to reliable sources, Kraken’s NFT platform could be free. It is a real master stroke, compared to other NFT platforms.

For the moment this famous NFT platform is in beta and to access it you will have to register on the waiting list. The decision to open Kraken NFT has surprised many people as the NFT market is currently at an all-time low. However, those who wish to try the beta version of Kraken NFT can request it on the site and a link will be sent to them if selected.

Kraken users could try this platform in its final version by 2023. In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up if you don’t want to miss anything about the evolution of Kraken NFT.

Features to expect

Despite its young age, Kraken NFT already offers nearly 70 NFTs, including collections. Also, if you wish to acquire an NFT from Bored Ape Yacht Club, you can do so on Kraken NFT. You will also find all the collections derived from BAYC and NFT created on the Ethereum blockchain and those of the Solana blockchain. Although Kraken NFT does not charge any fees at the moment, officials are keen to say that the creators of NFT will earn a small commission for every work sold.

Kraken NFT also allows you to view NFT collections offered on other platforms. To ensure security, Kraken does not yet allow the transfer of NFTs from other platforms to Kraken NFT. Note that it is possible to pay for your NFTs with nearly 200 cryptocurrencies, which is impressive nonetheless. Many are hoping for a new version of this NFT platform from Kraken, but only time will tell if this is in Kraken’s plans or not.

We can say that at the Kraken it is Christmas early and things could improve for this platform. Furthermore, this platform aims to earn places to be on the same level as OpenSea, for example.


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