Telegram users can buy their aliases thanks to the TON blockchain

Users of Telegram’s instant messaging app can now purchase usernames via an auction system on the Fragment platform. Some of these usernames, protected on The Open Network (TON) blockchain, are already trading at several hundred thousand dollars.

Telegram adopts the TON blockchain for usernames

Just under 3 weeks after the announcement of this feature, users of the Telegram instant messaging application now they can purchase their usernames via The Open Network (TON) blockchain..

The news was officially announced today by the Telegram app. Thus, users of the messaging system with more than 700 million active users can obtain one or more aliases in the format “@xxx” through an auction system on the Fragment platform.

Many usernames have already been exchanged several hundred thousand dollars, such as @nike ($ 480,000), @king ($ 373,000), or @esport ($ 258,000). The minimum price is first defined by the current username, then the various interested parties can proceed to the auction until the end of the sale.

Thus, Telegram users can be found via one or more usernames, which can then be assigned by their owners to one or more newsgroups of their choice. Unlike the classic usernames, those available at auction it may have less than 5 characters to use on the platform.

The unique property of these usernames is protected by the decentralized blockchain TONinitially developed by the Telegram teams who found themselves forced to sell it in 2020.

Furthermore, the Telegram press release intended for platform users is accompanied by the following message:

“For the first time in social media history, people have full ownership of their usernames. Longtime Telegram users who used short registered usernames in the beginning can now take advantage of the platform’s growth by selling their usernames through fair, transparent and fully decentralized auctions. “

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