In France, La Poste enters the sector!

France is full of stamp enthusiasts and collectors. As proof, many were the participants in the Salon philatelique d’automne which began on October 3, 2022. Since the first day of the event, organized at the Espace Champerret, in Paris, there has been a large number of people. Attendees in particular bought stamps with small editions during this event. Also, at a press conference, Philaposte’s deputy director made an interesting announcement. Indeed, Frédéric Morin has announced the launch of the NFT stamps.

100,000 copies of NFT stamps in the first quarter of 2023

A newspaper publication The world, reveals that Swiss Post intends to launch physical stamps in conjunction with digital stamps. NFT stamps should be accessible in bulk from 7 February 2023, at 8 euros. They will be based on the Tezos blockchain and available in 100,000 copies. Similarly, a stamp bearing the image of mandela will be launched.

A postage stamp in the likeness of the former South African president

Frédéric Morin explained that Filaposte’s goal is: “associate a physical stamp with its duplicate registered in a blockchain for its NFT authentication“He indicated that each stamp will be unique thanks to its numbering on the Tezos blockchain.

It must be said that with this project Philaposte joins many post offices. For example, the post offices in Austria, Croatia and Switzerland have been issuing NFT stamps for some time.

Philaposte’s deputy director indicated that, despite being digital, the new type of stamp will retain its artistic dimension. He explained that the idea is to do away with the current barcode stamp design. Frédéric Morin added that Philaposte will follow an approach involving the launch of several editions per year, for the NFT collection.

Furthermore, it appears that the digital stamp collection will promote the promotion of technological innovations. In this regard, the blockade of 2023 will have microperforations. Furthermore, the sale of NFT stamps will only take place online, on a dedicated site.

The Deputy Director of Philaposte announced that the Post Office is entering the NFT sector by developing unique digital stamps. He took care to reassure the philatelists by indicating that the authenticity of the stamps will be guaranteed. This NFT stamp project could modernize traditional philately.

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