Rolex exploits the gold mine of the web3

Just like Hermès, Rolex has made a notable entry into the web3. Indeed, this giant aims to offer authentic NFTs, as well as offer a metaverse and other web3 products. If Rolex’s progress interests you, here are the details to remember!

Rolex makes its grand entrance on the web3

Rolex doesn’t do things by halves, isn’t content with simply stating its involvement and determination to integrate the metaverse, Rolex has also filed trademark applications for NFT, metaverse and cryptocurrencies. As you can see, these are large-scale projects. In the official document of its request, Rolex wants to launch real NFTs that could have different uses. Indeed, a Rolex NFT would be authentic and collectible.

According to reliable sources, the watch giant also wants to create an OpenSea-like platform so that customers can view, buy and trade NFTs. Additionally, Rolex will offer NFTs of watches, jewelry, and even clothing, mirrors, and decorative items. Even better, Rolex will sell avatars as NFTs. Eventually, the giant will have its own metaverse and is currently working on developing a wallet for cryptocurrencies. We also know that Rolex develops luxury products, including video game consoles.

More and more luxury on the web3

The web3 isn’t just for gamers and fanatics, contrary to popular belief. Everyone, in fact, has the right to settle there: ordinary citizens, investors, stars and even luxury brands; there is room for everyone and everyone can help themselves. Lately, major fashion houses have allowed their customers to purchase their products with cryptocurrencies.

Even more interestingly, a well-known watchmaker named Jacob and Co recently marketed a watch with the image of Bitcoin and available in 25 copies. This famous watch costs around 350,000 euros. More and more luxury goods companies are moving into the metaverse. We can mention Gucci, Guerlain, Armani Beauty or even Yves Saint-Laurent.

These brands ensure that advancement on the web3 happens under the best conditions and happens quickly. In fact, the more luxury brands there are in the metaverse, the more the general public will be convinced to participate and the less skeptics there will be.

If you want further proof of the world’s progress towards the web3, the fact that Rolex, a giant in its sector, is getting there should convince you! Furthermore, the developers are doing their best to improve the metaverse and all of this work will finally be available to the general public.


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