10 figures on La Nef, the ethical bank that decarbonises your savings

Sent on November 10, 2022, 7:00 am


This is the number of years of La Nef’s existence as a banking cooperative. It was created in 1988 by about 650 members of the homonymous association founded ten years earlier. They then crossed over to France to raise the equivalent of one million euros (3.8 million francs). One of the leading figures of the cooperative is Jean-Pierre Bideau, due to his longevity in the structure in particular.


This is the total number of positive impact projects funded by La Nef that have seen the light, of which 585 in 2021 alone. success stories noteworthy: Biocoop (750 stores in France), the Veja trainer brand, Ethiquable chocolate and coffee bars and the green energy provider Enercop.

121 tCO2e / € mln

With 121 tons of CO2 equivalent emitted per million euros invested, La Nef’s carbon intensity (emissions proportionate to the size of its balance sheet) is the lowest of all French banking institutions. Note: the average of French banks is 481 tons of CO2 equivalent emitted per million euros invested.

La Nef’s team is made up of about a hundred people.DR


This is the number of customers claimed by La Nef. Among these, about 40,000 have opened a savings account, 6,000 professionals have taken out a loan, 2,000 professionals have opened a current account and a few thousand individuals (among others).

Even though La Nef is a cooperative, since 2016 it is no longer mandatory to register to benefit from the financial services it offers. However, more than half of the customers made the choice, namely to own the 50 million euros of share capital. 85% are natural persons.

571 million

This is the sum of the current credits. 99% of them are employed by professionals (associations, local authorities, social and solidarity economy companies). Since the beginning of the adventure, more than thirty years ago, La Nef has granted 8,000 loans for a total of one billion euros.

886 million

This is the amount of savings currently held by La Nef. This time, 99% of savers are individuals.


In July 2022, Nef requested a new authorization from the Banque de France to free itself from the supervision of the Crédit Coopératif (in force since 1988). If it obtains it, La Nef will be able to be independent and autonomous, thus offering its current accounts to individuals (which it can do for professionals since 2016). According to the leaders, it would take six to nine months (which brings us to 2023).

30 million

This is the objective of the “Big Bank” participatory fundraising launched on 5 October 2022 by La Nef, and which should last three years. Almost 3 million euros have already been raised to date. These millions will be added to the 50 million already present in the company’s share capital.


This is the minimum amount in euros for the entrance ticket. Even if the fundraising is aimed at all potential investors, La Nef has imagined five “packs” (one of which is “tailor made”) for individuals. For 100 euros (titled “planet package”), you have three shares at 90 euros (30 euros / share), a booklet with 10 euros and pre-registration for future financial services (current account for individuals, à carte, etc.) but when they are created, it is not automatic, you will have to request it.


This is the number of employees running the La Nef company. They are led by the two board members, who change every four years. All are supported by around 200 volunteer members. On the cooperative side, all members have a voice to decide the main guidelines, “1 vote, 1 person”.

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