MaPrimeRénov’ scratched by the defender of rights

Since its launch, the restructuring aid has suffered from serious and recurring malfunctions, to the detriment of the applicants, denounces the Ombudsman.

Inability to send invoices to your online space, difficulty in contacting a contact person or even modifying elements of your file… Since the implementation in 2020 of MaPrimeRénov’, the main public aid for the energy renovation of housing, “nearly 500 complaints relating to the difficulties encountered by assistance seekers in asserting their rights” have been deposited with the services of the defender of rights, Claire Hédon.

Look at the autonomous body, which every citizen can turn to in the event of a persistent problem with an administration or a public service “serious recurring technical failures” in processing requests from MaPrimeRénov. As well as the lack of interlocutors and the lack of information.

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Long waits without valid explanations

This sad observation is corroborated by numerous testimonies addressed to 60 million. Like Anne’s, who has been waiting for months to pay the 2,000 euros she should have received to replace her wood-burning insert with a high-performance wood-burning stove. “Despite numerous phone calls, we have no concrete information, she tells us. Our file is supposed to contain the accounting for the payment, but nothing happens. “

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The same situation for Murielle, who received confirmation in July 2021 that she had obtained a bonus of 4,000 euros for the purchase of a pellet boiler, to be paid 6 months after installation. “This boiler was installed on the following 31st October, but since then, despite numerous telephone calls and registered letters, I have not yet heard of this bonus to which I am entitled”he writes to us.

“Some users […] are still waiting, as of 2020, for the assistance they can request due to the technical impossibility of finalizing their requests, in particular by uploading their invoices in their space”emphasizes the defender of rights. “Families were forced to take out bank or family loans to finance the work and pay the craftsmen. “

Backlogs would be carefully reviewed

In a press release, the Defender of Rights sends a decision including several recommendations to the National Housing Agency (Anah), the body in charge of dealing with MaPrimeRenov’s requests. These include the implementation of measures to resolve the technical difficulties of the online application platform, to ensure better follow-up of applications and to reduce processing times.

There are also plans to create a channel for submitting applications that would not be entirely online, as is the case today: “The total dematerialisation of the procedure leads to the deprivation of some potential beneficiaries of aid”argues the defender of rights.

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For Anah, these bugs affect only a very small part of the files: “More than 1.25 million households have benefited from this bonus since the program launched in 2020, with an overall beneficiary satisfaction rate of 89%”, defends the Agency. The public institution would study up to 25,000 files a week. “Today, the average processing time for complete practices is 15 working days”he assures us.

A multidisciplinary team would also have been specially set up by the Anah to monitor the practices whose beneficiaries have been affected by an anomaly, be it technical, regulatory or the result of improper treatment. “When a file requires further information or clarification, the Agency may also contact these individuals individually to initiate discussion and personalized support with the user”, tell us. Under the fire of criticism, the Anah promises a strengthening of the accompaniment of families in their administrative and working path.

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