Will NFTs be integrated into Sony video games soon?

As the gaming industry continues its Web3 turnaround, the biggest game companies want their share of the pie. The manufacturer Sony (PlayStation) reveals in a patent its ambitions regarding the implementation of NFTs in its future video games.

Technology at the service of Sony gaming

Today, when we find a virtual object in a video game, we are not able to resell it : Few games allow players to trade items with each other.

However, it would seem so Sony wants to transform this business model through blockchain technology. The company behind PlayStation and its ecosystem wants to use blockchain and NFT to make the items acquired in its video games unique.

A Sony patent dated May 2021 was recently made public. Named ” Track digital assets using tokens on a distributed ledger », the document shows the company’s interest in asset tokenization in the field of video games.

To achieve its goals, the Japanese company explains in detail how the proposed technology works, without using the terms blockchain and NFT:

“When the digital asset is created, a distributed ledger that tracks the history of the digital asset stores its data across devices. […] A new block can be generated in the distributed ledger and added to it, thus identifying the changes made to the history of the digital asset. The new block can include the hashes of the previous blocks. »

These NFTs, called “ digital goods in the Sony patent, can represent all kinds of game objectssuch as characters, their equipment, as well as images, audio and video recordings.

These digital assets will be recorded and archived on the ” distributed ledger », synonymous with blockchain.

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Celebrities as growth levers?

Despite the recent fad effect on NFTs, how they work remains unknown to the general public. Furthermore, Sony faces a daunting challenge : how to get your players to use NFTs?

According to them, the solution lies in celebrities: With NFTs, fans will be able to own a digital item that once belonged to their favorite stars.

Sony highlights in its patent one of the problems that NFTs can solve:

“Currently, in traditional video games, there is no way to differentiate a specific version of an item used by a famous player from another version of the item. »

However, with the implementation of NFTs, it will be possible to distinguish previously similar objects from each other thanks to the data recorded on the blockchain.

Let’s take an example: during an eSports competition, a team of professional players use and create certain items during their matches. After the tournament, items acquired by the team can be shared or sold to your community.

Players will then be able to exchange their items with each other: the blockchain will allow each player to verify the former owners of the objects present in the game.

Note that this patent is not Sony’s first step into Web3. The company signed a partnership with Theta Labs last May to create NFTs that can be viewed in 3D on its “SR Display” stereoscopic tablet.

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