10 Web3 projects with imminent impact

There are big numbers on one side, stocks on the other. Dominique Prasivoravong, to whom the community 20 Mint entrusted with this list, he chose his side. In late 2021, he and a friend launched Hellotoken.io, a 100% Web3 media. Among his favorite subjects: impact projects. “Decentralization, better revenue sharing, automation… Web3 is an excellent breeding ground for meaningful initiatives,” he explains. While media attention is focused on a minority of flashy but worthless collections, “for him, charity would do wrong not to navigate the new NFT ecosystem.” Among the ten projects he has singled out, his two favourites, Reskue and Mignonverse, fully embody this idea of ​​benevolent digital.

NFTs cleaning up the oceans

Did you know that sea sponges were older animals than dinosaurs, and above all that they developed by cleaning up the oceans? The startup The Aquaverse has developed a complete Web3 project (NFT, crypto, P2E) to finance and involve their community in the aquaculture of these species. The team will then provide everything needed to clean up the seabed and develop a range of products for sale.

Business women for the planet

Inclusion is a core value of Web3 and 1000 Faces supports women’s empowerment through an investment club to support women entrepreneurs in tech, who carry out projects with positive impacts. Find the portrait of its co-founder, Moojan Asghari, on 20minutes.fr.

Funding for a future that deserves it

Gaya. gives seeks to improve fundraising for NGOs through an app. It allows the latter to make themselves known, to inform them of the progress of their work, etc. The platform, which already accepts cryptocurrencies, focuses on GenZ, in search of meaning, transparency (thanks to the blockchain) and interactions.

Art at the service of associations

By combining art and blockchain, Reskue is reinventing support for associations. From now on, it is possible to support non-profit causes and associations by collecting unique digital works of art in the form of NFTs, in a gamified context, in classic currencies or cryptocurrencies. Case of the calendar, a sale of works by the artist Louis16art opens this November 15 in favor of Un rêve un smile, whose objective is to make the dreams of sick children come true.

The Web3 novel that advocates kindness

Led by the artist Lapin Mignon, Mignonverse is a project that mixes a set of technologies: NFT, metaverse, generative art, AI… Based on an original story, tinged with a retro-futuristic aesthetic and inspired by Jules Verne, the participants are invited to interact together: discuss around a virtual fire, listen to a reading or even collect NFTs. At the same time, Tagachi, the co-founder, provides safety advice to promote a healthy space for all. Eventually, the creators even aim to make a soft metaverse. It is a poetic universe, where acts of kindness and benevolence will be fostered and encouraged, such as exchanging flowers, pleasant words, exchanging gifts and, of course, helping each other.

DeFi to support NGOs

Angel Protocol is a decentralized finance protocol (DeFi for “Decentralized finance”, in English), i.e. without an intermediary that automates donations to NGOs. Deposited funds are invested to serve a return, but also fuel a reserve dedicated to NGOs to provide them with a stable income stream.

Adopt a hedgehog

Fluffy Hedgehogs is an NFT project in the form of a collection of 1,250 adorable hedgehog avatars. The project supports hedgehog associations in the Netherlands by donating and adopting injured hedgehogs. Collectors can name adopted hedgehogs.

Do you want to protect curls?  Adopt an avatar.
Do you want to protect curls? Adopt an avatar. – Fluffy curls

The open source database

PositiveBlockchain is an open source database that aims to identify all impactful Web3 projects. Anyone can help publicize an initiative. It is also a platform and community of volunteers exploring the potential of blockchain for positive impact.

Woman as the future of man

A collection of 10,000 NFTs in the form of avatars randomly generated by an algorithm, Women Rise’s profile pictures are based on over 453 different hand-drawn strokes. This project is initiated by the internationally recognized Pakistani-American artist Maliha Abidi. Her project has already been presented in prestigious media: Vanity Fair, The Guardian, Forbes, etc.

Activist for women’s rights (education of girls, ban on child marriage, fight against domestic violence), her work also focuses on mental health, the fight against racism, cultural openness and the highlighting of social issues. Women Rise is his foray into Web3, based on his past ten years of involvement. The project is now available in a book, in different communities and multiplies collaborations to improve the world!

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