Cryptopunks Exceed Minimum Bored Ape NFT Values ​​During Cryptocurrency Market Crash

Statistics from the past ten days show that Cryptopunks minimum NFT values ​​have remained above the 60 ETH zone, while BAYC minimum NFT values ​​have dropped below the 60 ETH zone.

Cryptopunk lows are ahead of Bored Ape NFTs.

Data recorded on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022 indicates that Cryptopunk NFTs are now more valuable than Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs, when it comes to minimum values. On Tuesday, the lowest value Cryptopunk is around 66.50 ETH, which is equivalent to $83,027.

At the same time, the current minimum value of BAYC is 58.50 ETH, which is equivalent to $73,039 using the current value of Ethereum. Ten days ago, the minimum value of BAYC on November 5, 2022 was around 78 ETH according to statistics saved on

Also, on the same day, the NFT floor for Cryptopunks was 66.70 ETH, but on Nov. 5, ETH changed hands at $1,650. Ten days later, the dollar value of Ethereum is $1,253, down more than 24% since Nov. 15.

At the beginning of August 2021, the minimum value of Cryptopunks exceeded the minimum value of BAYC until the first week of January 2022. Except for a few brief occasions and the case of this week, the minimum value of BAYC has outperformed Cryptopunks for the most of 2022.

Cryptopunks temporarily violated the BAYC floor on August 21, 2022. At that time, both collections’ NFT floor values ​​were above the 64 ether range, and Cryptopunks’ NFT floor values ​​were above BAYC’s.

This week’s NFT sales are down 24% from last week. $114.81 million worth of NFTs were sold this week, with the BAYC collection taking first place in terms of sales.

Out of a total of 88 transactions, $6,443,320 in BAYC sales were recorded in the past seven days, according to Cryptopunks took third place last week in terms of sales with $1,057,812 in sales from 12 total transactions.

The two top-notch NFT collections accounted for 8.51% of Ethereum’s total $88.10 million sales over the past seven days. BAYC’s historical sales are $2.50 billion in sales, while Cryptopunks has amassed $2.42 billion in sales.

Today, NFT Cryptopunks and BAYC still lead the pack when it comes to the most expensive minimum values ​​in NFTs. Notable contenders for this week’s minimum price include NFT Where My Vans Go, QQL Mint Pass, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Azuki, and DigiDaigaku.

As of Tuesday, Cryptopunks has an overall market valuation of approximately 665,000 ether ($837.52 million) based on the current floor price. BAYC NFTs, on the other hand, have an estimated market cap of approximately 579,000 ether or $729.18 million.

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