Mozzeno lowers tariffs to attract SMEs

The Mozzeno collaborative lending platform goes against the market trend and reduces interest rates on loans to self-employed workers and SMEs.

Mozzeno lowers interest rates on his business loans. On average, the collaborative lending platform cuts its rates by 0.25%. In the current environment of rising key rates, Mozzeno is swimming against the tide.


reduction of interest rates

On average, the collaborative lending platform reduces interest rates on business loans by 0.25%.

For the online platform, the goal is to highlight its professional loan activity, aimed at SMEs and the self-employed. Mozzeno began his activity in the consumer credit segment, which represents the largest part of his portfolio. In this segment, the platform followed the market trend and increased the interest rates on its retail loans by an average of 0.25%. For business loans, Mozzeno is therefore doing the opposite.

Business customers currently represent only about 5% of Mozzeno’s portfolio. The Wavre-based company wants to grow this business. It has already created a white label product, which it offers to partners like Partena or Accountable. Mozzeno now wants to accentuate his commercial efforts on direct selling loans to SMEs and the self-employed, making an effort on its rates, in order to attract a wider clientele.

“We want to make our product more attractive than traditional banking offerings and more accessible to SMEs and the self-employed.”

Xavier Laureux

Co-founder of Mozzeno

To be able to offer these discounts, the platform is cutting its margins and betting on efficiency gains in processing its files.. “We want to make our product more attractive than traditional banking offers and more accessible to SMEs and the self-employed,” explains Xavier Laoureux, co-founder of Mozzeno. In addition to the fare reduction, the collaborative lending platform has revised its credit granting criteria. Until now, only companies and self-employed workers who could declare three years of activity were eligible for a loan. From now on, previous freelance experience can be taken into consideration, as part of another project.

Risk profile

To make the decision to grant credit, the platform relies on objective data, namely the accounts deposited with the Banque Carrefour des entreprises. Added to this is the banking information obtained through Mozzeno’s PSD2 license (Payment Services Directive). Based on the data collected, the platform software assesses the borrower’s risk profile and sets the interest rate (between 5.49% and 7.39%).

Created five years ago, the collaborative lending platform convinced 10,000 customers and recently crossed over the goal of 100 million euro loaned.

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