Decentralized identity: Altme launches its digital wallet on the Tezos blockchain

Decentralized identity: Altme launches its digital wallet on the Tezos blockchain

Talao announces the launch of Altme: a digital wallet carrying decentralized identity and Tezos blockchain tokens. In line with European Mica and TRF regulations, Altme allows users to manage their personal data and digital assets, all 100% decentralized.

The challenges of this initiative:

● Limit the ever-growing hegemony of the Internet giants, the MAMAA (formerly GAFAM), in terms of personal data collection.

● Making digital identity accessible through SSI technology, synonymous with data security, decentralization and confidentiality.

Put users back in control of their personal data

Thanks to the SSI standard, Altme helps users regain full control of their data and decide what information to share. This new type of digital wallet has three main advantages:

● Flawless security: Your data is encrypted and stored on your phone. No more centralized databases, each user is in control of their own information.

● Permanent confidentiality: Altme allows you to share only the information you ask for, without revealing any other data. No more sharing documents that unnecessarily reveal sensitive information.

● And the power to monetize data: each user can decide to monetize all or part of their data in exchange for benefits such as membership cards or loyalty cards, ending the commercial exploitation of data without payment.

Rethinking digital identity in the age of the Web3

In addition to being an SSI digital wallet, Altme is also a decentralized identity solution that can be used by all Web3 projects (Gaming, Decentralized Finance, DAO, etc.), whether for regulatory issues or simply to help them learn more about the their community.

By integrating the SSI brick developed by Altme, each project/brand can:

● Take advantage of streamlined onboarding with a reusable KYC (“Know Your Customer”) that saves you setting up identity verification for every new user;

● Obtain verification of identity information such as age, nationality, country of residence… in a 100% decentralized way;

● Increase acquisition and retention through the implementation of loyalty cards, membership cards, VIP passes, etc. which can be managed by any SSI wallet, offering unique benefits to its users;

● Permanently remove bots, fake accounts and trolls from your community;

Altme relies on Tezos, an open source blockchain that is secure through its on-chain governance, formal verification, and energy efficiency through its Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. By federating an active and engaged community, this scalable blockchain with its modular architecture has seen eleven upgrades so far, which have reduced transaction costs and improved the user experience.

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