Elon Musk issued an ultimatum to Twitter employees, they resigned en masse

Earlier this week, Elon Musk issued an ultimatum to Twitter employees who had fallen in the throes of his major cleanup. The new head of the social network has promised in an internal email to launch “Twitter 2.0″, an operation that would require working in a ” extremely hardcore “. Employees should expect, according to the CEO, to do this long hours at high intensity and those in favor had to click a button in the email. All those who had not clicked on Thursday at the end of the day were still considered resigned.

Not surprisingly, this promise of long and hard work until further notice did not convince all remaining employees. After chaotic weeks, this ultimatum seems like the last straw that will overflow Twitter’s vase. In any case, according to an internal communication that he was able to consult The limithundreds of employees would have decided to leave, perhaps even over a thousand and we even talk about it 75% departures. There were still around 2,900 employees when Elon Musk emailed him and it’s unclear how many will remain with Twitter.

Furthermore, it is so difficult to know that the company has once again decided to close access to its offices until Monday, time to see things a little more clearly and fear of sabotage (sic) by the remaining employees. The problem for Twitter is that it appears that teams essential to its proper functioning have been all but emptied in the operation, which could directly threaten its survival, even in the short term.

For example, the traffic team that manages the particular part of the network front end (sites and apps) would be largely empty as of last night. The same goes for the team responsible for the low-level components used by everyone on Twitter. And that’s not even the worst: yesterday several members of the “Command Center” team that manages the most important crises would have left. If a problem occurs on the social network, there may be no one left to solve it.

Elon Musk has repeatedly boasted, tweeting that he’s not worried because the best is leftthen that Twitter had reached a historic traffic peak, before multiplying Twitter death memes. Despite everything, we can say that the situation is critical and far from the spotlight of his social network, the boss would try to put some water in the wine. He murmur in particular that its inflexible telecommuting rule could be relaxed to hold key positions.

The next few days will probably be decisive for the future of Twitter. If Elon Musk fails to keep enough employees, how will he be able to not only create the new version that he envisions, but also keep the current one running smoothly? A simple and trivial task like a Renewal of the HTTPS certificate it could “break” the site like the apps in case of problems, if all the employees in charge quit.

Without going so far as to talk about the definitive end of Twitter, the site has already suffered many small failures after the mass layoffs, such as double authentication which for some has been interrupted. This week’s departures shouldn’t help matters…

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