Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition – Love is in the Platinum

Do you want to change your life and put your hands in the manure? Farming Simulator 22 is back with a Platinum Edition that will make you… chop wood!

To celebrate the first anniversary of Farming Simulator 22, Giants Software offers additional content under the beautiful name of Platinum Expansion. This DLC is priced at €19.99. But if you haven’t fallen in love with this ultimate farming simulation yet, then there’s the full package: Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition. This package includes the base game and its DLC. For information, this edition is available at a price of 49.99 euros. There, I mentioned “money”, we can get to work!

Reserves for the winter

Let’s start by talking about Farming Simulator 22 in its basic version. I will make a small summary for those who would be too lazy to look for last year’s test. Already the game starts with a quality cinematic that makes you want to play. It features a well-bearded, well-burnt American farmer talking about work, the hard work of being a farmer. And at the same time, we see a young peasant who lives what the lord says. Eventually we discover that the young woman is his daughter and that agriculture is in our blood. And me, I don’t have much “farmer” blood. Just see the mouth of my lawn or my hedges. But Farming Simulator 22 is a video game, so I have every chance. And I’m not afraid to believe myself in what I’m not, and yes I’m a fan of Football Manager, and I’ve never managed a football club worth millions of euros.

They call me Dumbo and it’s not to my ears

The basis of Farming Simulator 22 is the career mode. First of all, we decide the look of our farmer and then we have to choose where we will start our life by plowing the fields. There are three maps available, and when you start, you start with a great tutorial that runs for a good hour. If you have never played Farming Simulator, it is essential that you follow this tutorial carefully. And limit, the tutorial is too short, because Farming Simulator 22 is vast, rich and quite complex. We will then learn the basics of gameplay: plowing, harvesting, sowing, driving tractors, hiring staff, etc. Once the tutorial is done, we are released into nature. And there, I can tell you that I felt lost. But by resisting, we manage to take the lead and develop our business. But we’ll make more mistakes than an experienced player picking his nose.

The longer the better

Overall, Farming Simulator 22 has evolved its formula well. We find the basics, but almost everything is improved. We can do almost anything and handle everything from producer to consumer. For example, you can develop a specific type of product and sell it to a restaurant owner. Il faut tout gérer dans ce jeu : le bien-être de nos animaux, les prêts bancaires pour se développer, la construction de notre ferme… On peut même jouer en multi-joueurs pour créer un vrai réseau d’agriculteurs sur un même waiter. Frankly I have to admit that even if it’s not for me, Farming Simulator 22 is a very rich game, very complete and frankly, if we have time ahead, it can occupy us for dozens of hours. And without getting up at dawn in the morning fog to manage his acres. Long live the game.

Small walk in the woods

Technically, there has been progress from previous episodes. The textures are a bit sharper, the lighting is really better, I think the environments are more varied and the weather is really nice. The interface has also improved: even on the controller we manage to get by despite the ton of options present. On the other hand, the soundtrack is fair, even if the sound effects are quite realistic. When it comes to driving and vehicle physics, however, I’m more restrained. It’s not very pleasant to hold the controller, there’s a strange weight management, all of a sudden, we have strange reactions especially when we walk around the map in our personal car. I went around the owner, now let’s detail the additional content of this Platinum Edition.

This new Platinum expansion adds Silverrun Forest, a new map inspired by the Pacific Northwest with its forested landscapes and new possibilities. It’s always nice to discover new environments and casually extends life a bit. We will be able to discover new forest missions, it will even be possible to build a boat at the shipyard. In the end, Silverrun Forest is full of points of interest and you will enjoy perfecting your woodworking skills. As a bonus, we will have the opportunity to choose new machines from the Swedish manufacturer Volvo, as well as other brands that I didn’t know about, I must admit. Ultimately, there are more than 40 authentic vehicles and tools that have been added in this Platinum Edition.

Pay attention to the hole

Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition is a farming simulation and management game that is even more powerful with its additional content. As with the base game, it will be super fun for fans of the genre, while players allergic to the concept will no doubt find it uninteresting. In any case, over the years, the license improves. A neophyte will no doubt get lost but will want to develop his farm. Which wasn’t necessarily the case before because the title was too austere. A great progression for the console saga and a challenging edition that pleases.

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