LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russia carries out fortification work in Crimea

Punches, electric shocks: Ukrainians say they were tortured in Kherson during the Russian occupation

After the withdrawal of Russian troops, the first inhabitants of Kherson tell of the horror they experienced.

Aged just 14, Vitaly Mysharskiy, explains he was detained by the Russian army for 10 days after taking photos of military vehicles and sending them to the Ukrainian army.

“They tied us up and took us to Kherson. There were 12 of us,” she says, still in shock.

“They kicked me around the loins, punched me in the face until my nose bled. (…) Sometimes they gave us electric shocks,” recalls another fondly.

Ukraine announces the reopening of the Kyiv-Kherson railway line, one week after the Russian withdrawal from the region

Ukraine announced on Friday the reopening of the Kiev-Kherson railway line, a week after the Russian withdrawal from the region.

“The first trip will take place (this Friday) at 22:14 (21:14 French time) from the capital, and will arrive (Saturday) around 9:00 (8:00 French time) in Kherson, He said on Facebook on local official Serguiï Khlan, specifying that “about 200 passengers will travel on board the train (…).

The Kremlin assures that no summit between Putin and Biden is planned

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assures that no summit between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden is planned, Reuters reported on Friday.

A meeting on “strategic stability” was previously hinted at by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“If the Americans are ready and interested, we won’t say no,” the deputy minister said at the time, according to the news agency.

The Kremlin rules out any “public negotiations” with Ukraine

New talks with Ukraine? Not scheduled, according to Moscow. The Kremlin spokesman assures that Kyiv wants “public negotiations”, which Russia refuses.

“They say they want negotiations, but public negotiations. It’s hard to imagine public negotiations in general … especially at that level,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on a call with reporters on Thursday.

“All negotiations have a purpose,” he said.

Viktor Orban calls EU sanctions against Russia ‘a step towards war’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Friday described EU sanctions against Russia as “a step towards war”, escalating his criticism of a strategy Brussels deemed “dangerous”.

“Anyone who intervenes economically in a military conflict takes a stand,” said the nationalist leader during his traditional interview on a radio close to the government.

“Little by little, we are sliding towards war,” he insisted, worried about the accumulation of measures taken to sanction the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

Lviv announces the restoration of electricity in “almost the whole city” after the Russian strikes

The mayor of Lviv announces on Telegram this Friday the restoration of electricity in “almost the whole city”, after the Russian strikes on Tuesday.

“We have restored water supply and heating” and “30% of the city’s traffic lights still work,” he adds.

Russia carried out massive attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure on Tuesday, leaving millions of homes without electricity.

Russian opponent Navalny denounces the tightening of his conditions of detention

Imprisoned Russian opponent Alexei Navalny denounced the tightening of his detention conditions, saying he is now locked up in a small isolated cell and deprived of visits from his relatives, in a message released on social media by his team.

“Congratulate me!” Alexei Navalny said, announcing that he had been transferred to solitary confinement, in a “closed cell” for inmates accused of misconduct.

“There are no long-term visits for this type of cell,” said Vladimir Putin’s opponent, who said he hadn’t seen his parents, wife and children for several months. “They do it to shut me up,” he said.

War in Ukraine: meeting the shattered faces of a Kiev hospital

It is already the third operation for 23-year-old Andriy. This Ukrainian army officer deployed in Kherson was hit in the face by shrapnel while at the front.

“I’m going to remove the scars and splinters he received on the skin of his face,” surgeon Rostylslav Valikhnovski explains to BFMTV, who relies on doing this job for free. He has already carried out about ten operations of this type since the beginning of the conflict.

“It’s our contribution to the war,” he said.

Russia announces it will carry out “fortification work” on the annexed Crimean peninsula

Russia announced on Friday it would carry out fortification work on its annexed Crimean peninsula after withdrawing its soldiers to the neighboring Kherson region of Ukraine in the face of a counter-offensive from Kiev.

“Fortification works under my control are underway on the territory of Crimea to ensure the safety of Crimea,” said Sergei Aksionov, the governor installed by Moscow after the annexation of this Ukrainian peninsula in 2014.

War in Ukraine: How do locals deal with the approaching winter?

In Ukraine, electricity only runs for a few hours a day, according to our special envoys there, after Russian strikes damaged energy infrastructure.

It is therefore time for solidarity for the inhabitants. While some live in living rooms where the mercury does not exceed 5°C, others manage to get their hands on stoves or generators, sometimes purchased in Poland, for heating.

Everyone remains attentive to what could happen in the next few days, given that the first snowflakes have fallen and temperatures will still remain negative. If the gas infrastructure suffers in turn, the situation could get really complicated.

‘Explosive remains discovered’: Sweden confirms sabotage of Nord Stream gas pipelines

The explosions that hit the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea in September, built to transport Russian gas to Europe, are part of a sabotage, the prosecutor in charge of preliminary investigations in Sweden announced on Friday.

“The analyzes that have been carried out show remains of explosives on many of the foreign objects discovered,” prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist, in charge of the preliminary investigations, said in a statement.

On September 26, four huge gas leaks were detected on pipelines connecting Russia to Germany, all in international waters. Sabotage is immediately suspected.

Nuclear sites in Ukraine: new IAEA resolution against Russia

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors adopted a new resolution on Thursday calling on Russia to withdraw from Ukraine’s Zaporizhia power plant and cease its actions against nuclear sites, according to diplomatic sources.

The text, presented by Canada and Finland, has been approved by 24 of the 35 member states of the Council, said two diplomats. Russia and China voted against.

In this text, the IAEA Board of Governors “expresses its deep concern” at Russia’s refusal to stop its attacks on Ukrainian nuclear facilities and calls on Russia “to abandon its groundless claims on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, withdraw immediately its troops and personnel and cease all action” against the country’s power plants.

Moscow “hopes” for a Russian-American prisoner exchange

Russia said on Friday it hoped a prisoner swap could take place with the United States, particularly involving a Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout, being held by American authorities.

“I hope that the prospect (of an exchange) is not only present, but will grow stronger, and that the time will come when we will reach a concrete agreement,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, quoted by news agencies Russian. .

These statements come a day after the announcement of the transfer to a Russian penal colony of American basketball player Brittney Griner, sentenced in August to nine years in prison for “drug trafficking”.

Ukrainian hacker, wanted by the FBI for 10 years, arrested in Switzerland

A Ukrainian hacker, Vyacheslav Igorevich Penchukov, wanted by American justice since 2012, was arrested last month in Switzerland, the specialized site Krebs on Security revealed on Friday.

The 40-year-old is accused by Americans of leading a group of hackers who stole millions of dollars thanks to the online hacking of bank accounts in the United States. He was charged with eight accomplices across the Atlantic in 2012 but had until then escaped justice.

He was arrested in the canton of Geneva on October 23 while visiting his wife on the shores of Lake Geneva. He refuses his extradition to the United States.

‘This war is your problem too’: Macron calls on Asia-Pacific countries to mobilize against the Ukrainian conflict

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday called on Asia-Pacific countries to join the “growing consensus” against the war in Ukraine, stressing that this war is also “their problem”.

“France’s number one priority is to contribute to peace in Ukraine and try to have a global dynamic to put pressure on Russia,” he told the APEC economic leaders’ summit. .

“France is not focusing only on supporting Ukraine and we will continue to support it,” he said in a speech in English.

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Attacks in Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky denounces ‘another Russian terror attack’

On Thursday several Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kiev, again suffered Russian attacks, attacks denounced by Volodymyr Zelensky who spoke of “another Russian terrorist attack”.

“Civilian sites are the main target. Russia is waging war on electricity and heating for people by blowing up power plants and other energy facilities,” he said.

The Kremlin on Thursday countered that the suffering of civilians in Ukraine was attributable to Kiev’s refusal to negotiate.

More than ten million Ukrainians without electricity after Russian attacks

More than ten million Ukrainians were left without electricity on Friday, the day after new Russian attacks in several cities, including Kiev.

“Currently, more than ten million Ukrainians are without electricity,” particularly in the Kyiv region, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday evening during his daily televised address.

These repeated bombings have targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since October, routinely depriving millions of residents of electricity and water.

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