“no postponement of the project” despite the expiration of the promise to sell Champ Gretz

The tropical greenhouse project near Berck, hotly contested by environmentalists, continues to move forward. The expiry of the promise to sell the land, made public by the Voix du Nord, will not prevent the conclusion of the real estate transaction, assures the founder of the Tropicalia project.

Has the Tropicalia project, a future gigantic tropical greenhouse erected near Berck, suffered another setback? This is the information published on November 19 by our colleagues at La Voix du Nord, who explain that the promise to sell Champ Gretz has expired, due to not having raised the necessary funds. “Actually there really isn’t a postponement of the project. I have the impression that we have done a bit of sensationalism around this story” says the founder of the project.

Cédric Guérin, a veterinarian by profession, wants to build a tropical greenhouse of more than 20,000m² and 30m high on this land, on a landscaped plot of around ten hectares. Exotic birds, butterflies, reptiles… The glass dome will be constantly heated to 26-28 degrees. The Champ Gretz is a mixed area that mixes housing and economic activities. Cédric Guérin hopes to create a tourist area and generate more than one hundred direct and indirect jobs in the maneuver, a strong argument with the public authorities.

This massive project is estimated at 73 million euros, partly sponsored by public grants, of which 2 million is injected by the region. The rest of the funds, coming from bank loans and private investors, are still being acquired. Again according to La Voix du Nord, this fundraising is hampered by the fact that the project is being attacked in court by an association for the defense of the environment, the GDEAM. Indeed, it is asking for the annulment of the building permits granted by the municipalities of Rang-du-Fliers and Verton.

In fact, Gretz Field supports several classified sites, including the “marsh of Balançon‘, 1 km away, or even protected groves and wet meadows. The project is subject to very strong opposition, with repeated mobilizations on Gretz Field. Activists criticize a project “from another time”while the ecological emergency imposes itself ever more violently.

The detractors of the project do not hesitate to mock Cédric Guérin’s project, in reaction to the article published by our colleagues.When you sign a purchase promise from the notary when you don’t have the money. We understand why Cédric Guerin, promoter of #tropicaliaopal I didn’t smile in September” joking post from the Tropicalarme account.

Cédric Guérin, contacted by France 3, denies any difficulty in carrying out the project. “Some time has passed on the promise of sale made between the developer and the company. But in reality this promise of sale is nothing, it has been moved over time. After all, the director of Territoires 62 in La Voix: there is no subject, we have the land, and we can assure them that it will be bought.

The land transaction should therefore be completed by December 31, 2022.

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