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It happens that some business creators experience difficulties in attracting banks. Fortunately, the bank loan is not the only financing solution available. Alternatives are possible. Explanations.

Fundraising from the entourage

When entrepreneurs are faced with the refusal of banks to take out a loan, they can first turn to those around them for help. Funds raised by family or friends are called ” i love money (money from the heart in French). They allow you to benefit from tax advantages (tax exemptions or reductions). To convince relatives, the ideal is to provide them with a detailed business plan, with the aim of reassuring them as much as possible.

Loans of honor

It is also possible to request an honor loan (up to 90,000 euros for innovative projects). With the main advantages of the zero interest rate and the non-collectable personal guarantee, this type of loan is offered by various support networkssuch as Initiative France, Réseau Entreprendre or the Association for the right to economic initiative (Adie).


Microcredit is another possibility. Designed for people who have difficulty accessing bank loans, it is granted by specialized institutes, such as Adie (Association for the right to economic initiative). Microloans are repayable in 2 years or less and are accompanied by beneficiary monitoring: assistance in administrative procedures, assistance in cost management, business development, etc.

The subsidies

When setting up their business, professionals can sometimes also apply for grants from the state, regions, local authorities or even Europe. The eligibility criteria vary according to the profile of the lead partner and the type of project (sustainable development, social and solidarity economy, etc.).


For its part, the fund-raising (crowdfunding in French) offers the opportunity to raise funds on the Internet from various investors to finance a creative or business project. Contributions may take the form of equity interests in the company, loans or donations. In any case, the chosen platform must be able to justify a regulated status.


Another possibility is to contact an incubator, in other words a support structure for business creation. Thus, entrepreneurs can be accompanied in the implementation of their project during a predefined period. Attached to local authorities, schools or large groups, incubators can provide advice and connect project leaders with investors. It should be noted that these can be public or private structures.

Business angels

The “business angels” (angelic investors in French), for their part, are interested companies with strong growth potential. Behind this designation are people who wish to invest part of their financial assets in innovative companies. In addition to financial support, thanks to their experience and skills, they can provide technical support to project promoters. All pursue the same goals: to generate substantial capital gains through their investments and benefit from tax relief.

Intercompany loans

Also, recently the companies themselves have the option of being creditors or debtors of each other. Therefore, some companies can participate in the financing of a professional project of a company with which they have an economic relationship. However, the duration of the loan cannot exceed 2 years and the loan must remain ancillary to the institution’s main activity.


Finally, many organizations offer competitions for creators or new entrepreneurs with, as bonuses, endowments (financial, services, support, etc.) and the possibility of making themselves known. They generally refer to specific business sectors.

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