Avalanche (AVAX) – The number of transactions explodes by +1500% in one year

Everything seems to be going wrong at the end of 2022. And no one thought of such an apocalyptic capitulation scenario for the cryptocurrency market. With failures following one another, following the collapse of the ecosystem Earth Classic and more recently from the FTP platform. However, some projects are doing better than others. For instance the avalanche net which sees the number of its daily transactions increase by 1500% in one year.

Difficult to make a difference when the crisis affects the majority of investors. To the point of giving the impression of experiencing the end of an entire newly created ecosystem. But one must understand that the current disaster is mainly related to the centralized part of this digital economy which is supposedly not. And that in the background, many projects and networks continue to build and develop. For instance the discreet Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain which just surpassed 450 million daily transactions for the first time.


Avalanche (AVAX) – An ecosystem serving the Internet of finance

Hugh B. – July 07, 2021 – 11am

All current alternatives that are developing in relation to the network […]


Avalanche – Transactions up 1500%

The Avalanche network is one of those that move forward calmly but surely, apart from the communication frenzy that can sometimes drown investors. With a solid project based on a strong cryptographic ideology which is sometimes sorely lacking in the competition. To the point of sometimes giving it a somewhat austere or very “developing” look. But it’s not a good thing when we see the damage that too rapid a desire for development, sacrificed to security and decentralization, can do.

And while some networks are suffering martyrdom, the Avalanche blockchain just passed a major symbolic milestone. Indeed, the latter announced yesterday that it had passed the 450 million cumulative daily transactions. That’s a 1507% increase over the past year, day-to-day (YTD). Good news in the current bear market…

Avalanche surpassed 450 million total transactions today! Exactly one year ago, Avalanche processed nearly 28 million total transactions. Total transactions increased 1507% on Avalanche from November 2021 to November 2022. »


A reality that does not allow the Avalanche network to return to its position in the top 5 of current DeFi networks by total value blocked (TVL). Because is in 6th placejust behind the level 2 Arbitrum, with an estimated amount of 792 million dollars according to the DefiLlama website. That is to say in the current general trend, far (far) away from its December 2021 peak above $12 billion.

With a native AVAX cryptocurrency which shows a price just below the $12 symbolic bar yesterday ($11.60). That is, down -92% from its all-time high in November 2021 at $145. And it is then that investors are divided into two camps, between those who see a bankruptcy in progress and those who instead consider a possible opportunity to be seized on the fly. Everyone will make and assume their own choices accordingly…

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