Less visible, female artists in NFTs are honored by Gxrls Revolution

The collective founded by NFT collectors will unveil this Tuesday a catalog of the 100 female artists to follow in the NFT.

The Gxrls Revolution collective founded by JessyJeanne and Annelise Stern will unveil their first catalog of 100 female artists to follow in the NFT at the end of the day. “We have often been told that there are almost no female artists in NFTs. This is false. This catalog is proof of that,” they explain.

“They knew nothing or very little”

“When we asked people working in NFTs about the lack of female artists in their curations, events, collections and articles, their answers were unanimous: they knew nothing or very little about it. ‘Bring the content where it is missing’, they say.

As a reminder, an NFT (“non-fungible token”) is a digital security, issued by a blockchain (mainly Ethereum) and associated with a digital asset (photo, video, etc.). Each NFT is unique and cannot be reproduced. NFTs are used in art, the luxury sector or for trading cards in sports.

Only 24% women

Founded in March, the Gxrls Revolution also looked at the percentage of female speakers at web3 events taking place in 2022 in France, from Binance Blockchain Week to Metaverse Summit or NFT Paris. The result is clear: out of 789 speakers, only 192 were women, or 24%.

“The idea is more to highlight an underlying trend than to impose a figure with certainty”, indicates the collective. However, this percentage is “low” when we know that 40% of cryptocurrency investors in France are women.

“It’s even lower when we know that they represent 52% of the French population and that web3 wants to be a revolution that will impact the lives of all of us for years to come,” explains Annelise Stern.

Female artists in NFTs remain less visible to this day, the collective regrets. “But these women are there. They are artists, investors, developers, entrepreneurs… Trying to include them more is on the one hand removing a potential obstacle to their careers and on the other hand a great way to involve other women in this ecosystem. It’s a virtuous circle, so why deprive yourself of it? There are many initiatives that highlight and research these experts, web3 events have every interest in working side by side with them”, considers Annelise Stern. Similarly, the NFT Factory, which opened its doors in Paris a few weeks ago, has only 24 women out of 128 co-founders, the collective reveals.

The question of gender

Through these various publications Gxrls Revolution questions the issue of gender within the web 3 ecosystem. A few weeks ago, BFM Crypto published a survey of women in the web 3.

“If the topic is so uninteresting, why has it sparked this wave of reactions?” the collective asks. “Yes, it is possible to pretend to be a man or never communicate one’s gender on Twitter. But let’s remember that the web3 ecosystem is not limited to Twitter. Let’s remember the importance that the organization of web3 events has today”, underlines Gxrls Revolution.

“Are we gendered or are we gendered? How many times have we been asked if we accompany someone when we go to a web3 event? Most of the women around us admit that they feel that they are taken less seriously, because of their gender (especially when their gender combines at a young age),” indicates the collective.

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