The Smurfs join the ranks of educational metaverses alongside The Winkyverse

The Smurfs are entering the metaverse as the IMF has given The Winkyverse permission for a collaboration. The fun and educational project is enthusiastically received by “Winky” fans. Project ethics restore the metaverse and enchant users of different age groups.

The Winkyverse, also new to web3, has carefully chosen the little blue characters to represent it. It is very obvious to make a name for yourself through the representation of famous people. Mainbot didn’t use this technique when he chose a character disney random.

His choice is strategic and transcendent. This collaboration also intends to bring a more interesting age level to web3.

The Smurfs at the Winkyverse

The Wynkyverse is the meta universe of the little robot Winky. If you remember, Winky the educational robot was born in 2017. Mainbot, its creator, made it a child-friendly toy that appeals not only to the little ones. The games it lets you explore are ready to keep the whole family entertained.

Winky’s success is simple. Mainbot jumped onto this stepping stone to create a metaverse for his character ‘The Winkiverse’. All Winky fans can explore this metaverse for richer and more engaging exchanges. To enrich its platform, Mainbot has signed a partnership with the IMF.

The Smurfs, whose license is managed by the IMF (directed by Peyo’s daughter), are on site. They represent the Winkyverse with the ethics associated with it. The project was not born to swell the ranks, but to bring sustainable concepts to web3.

Why the Smurfs?

Mainbot chose the Smurfs to represent his Winkyverse for the second wave of land sales. The event takes place today November 22nd 2022. You will be able to make your land purchases via fiat or digital currency.

The Smurfs will not remain mere representatives of this specific event. They will remain on The Winkyverse while evoking the values ​​this new metaverse upholds. By this we mean: solidarity, ecology and education through entertainment.

The Winkiverse, committed and ecological

Like the Smurfs, The Winkyverse is steeped in the green concept. Its meta ecosystem is powered and managed by one of the lowest carbon footprint devices. This idea of ​​responsible consumption figures in the great debates of theacademy of the metaverse”.

Fulfilling this point for Mainbot is a major step forward. However, Mainbot’s blockchain activities will generate profits in part for the environmental causes and to help children in need. The education sector is an integral part of Mainbot’s fields of action.

What are the Smurfs doing on The Winkyverse?

The Smurfs are the Winkyverse’s partners. Secondly, they are the first occupants of the Pomokota biome since they acquired land there. It’s the Smurfs’ first time entering the Metaverse, and for the first time they’re in line for a positive contribution.

In short, The Winkyverse intends to bring an edutainment universe that is both green and utilitarian to young fans of the metaverse.


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