AgoraBank: a pioneer of the banking revolution 3.0

In recent years, most people have lost faith in traditional banking and the many centralized exchanges (CEX), due to successive financial crises and default risks associated with centralization. Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to modernize the current system. Indeed, the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) which combines traditional finance and blockchain technology is revolutionizing the financial sector. The rapidly expanding DeFi has already become essential in the cryptocurrency industry as it promotes intermediary-free transactions via its decentralized exchange platforms. Blockchain technology therefore has the potential to meet the need for renewal in the banking sector. In this context, AgoraBank breaks the mold by creating a new cutting-edge model, the decentralized bank (bank 3.0), capable of revolutionizing the banking system using the blockchain. It managed to position itself in a few months as a pioneer of the decentralized banking revolution. AgoraBank has created a decentralized banking platform that combines institutional banks and cryptocurrencies. Discover the bank of tomorrow now.

A team of world-renowned experts

The bear market has rid the blockchain world of some projects that used to be very unreliable. This situation has reminded consumers that it is crucial to be well informed before investing. It is especially important to pay attention to the team behind the project to verify that they have all the necessary human and technological resources. A team made up of professionals with proven and recognized skills is the first guarantee of the reliability of a project.

The team behind AgoraBank consists of 30 experts with globally recognized expertise. Each of the members has at least 10 years of experience in their field of activity. Multidisciplinary, the banking 3.0 team includes professionals from different sectors such as finance, banking, entrepreneurship, blockchain, DeFi, etc.

These experts have the experience of managing large companies around the world. They play key roles in structures established notably in Luxembourg, Paris, Madrid, Dubai and Switzerland. The AgoraBank team is made up, among others:

  • Financial experts in auditing, trading and taxation, such as Guillaume Antier, co-founder of AgoraBank, and Pierre Bechmann. Mr. Antier has been an entrepreneur specializing in trade and finance for ten years. He is also a specialist in Asset Management. As for Mr. Bechmann, he has solid experience in finance, which he acquired in Luxembourg.
  • DeFi and blockchain experts such as Benoît Courtois, another co-founder of AgoraBank. Mr. Courtois is an entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in banking, insurance and finance. He is also a consultant specializing in blockchain and DeFi, particularly with regards to their multiple applications and implementations.
  • A chartered accountant who is also a very active public accountant with over 30 years of experience.
  • By two business lawyers who have more than 15 years of experience at the Paris Bar.
  • Managers specialized in the management of investment funds in euros and cryptocurrencies.

AgoraBank team members are experienced in building trading platforms and the first cryptocurrencies. As a result, the AgoraBank team fully understands the challenges of Web3 to lead the new banking revolution. Its co-founder Guillaume Antier explains: “We have checked all the prerequisite boxes of a good crypto project for users to form a community within the project“.

A bank 3.0 that already works

You should know that many designs are presented to consumers without being functional. AgoraBank stands out from the competition because banking 3.0 is already operational with a controlled platform. The latter, developed with its own funds, was able to be launched in a few months thanks to the experience accumulated by the AgoraBank team, which owns the technology internally. As far as regulations are concerned, the bank 3.0 collaborates with the largest players in the market for all the services available on its platform and can thus offer maximum security to its users.

One goal: to make banking 3.0 accessible to everyone

AgoraBank’s goal is to allow consumers to have access, today, to all the products and services of tomorrow’s bank. Banking 3.0 facilitates access to blockchain and DeFi technology for the general public. For this, it has developed a unique blockchain platform that combines traditional finance and DeFi.

AgoraBank faces the technological challenges of today’s banking system. It positions itself as a crossroads between the services of a neobank, a crypto bank and a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Furthermore, consumers can access all AgoraBank services via the Internet, from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, decentralized banking is a huge opportunity for the unbanked population.

AgoraBank wants to allow this entire population to easily access banking services. According to the World Bank, around 1.4 billion people worldwide, or 18% of the total population, lack access to traditional financial services.

A banking platform that eliminates unnecessary intermediaries

One of the major benefits of blockchain technology is that it eliminates unnecessary intermediaries. Thanks to the decentralization made possible by blockchain technology, AgoraBank offers a complete service that includes traditional banking services and DeFi without the intervention of unnecessary intermediaries.

For example, the consumer will not need his transactions to be approved by a central authority before being validated. This is the opposite of the traditional financial system or centralized exchanges which hold their customers’ funds and have control over all transactions. Thanks to its decentralized system, AgoraBank wishes to restore user confidence which has been shaken by numerous financial crises and scandals in recent years, especially following the multiple bankruptcies and closures of banks and centralized trading platforms.

To enable the removal of unnecessary intermediaries, AgoraBank collaborates with like-minded partners in the DeFi and blockchain industry.

Furthermore, blockchain technology allows the AgoraBank platform to execute all transactions instantly while drastically reducing costs. Traceability and transparency are also guaranteed, as all operations are recorded and accessible in the blockchain.

Finally, transactions on the banking platform 3.0 are regulated by smart contracts, which allow them to be carried out in complete safety. All this allows AgoraBank to position itself as a decentralized, transparent and secure bank.

A completely user-driven ecosystem

AgoraBank has decided to put the user at the center of its ecosystem. With the banking platform 3.0, the user is no longer the traditional customer who is forced to submit to the law of his bank without any possibility of contesting the decisions taken by it. Now he is a real player in this new banking system, because he has real decision-making power. In this regard, Benoît Courtois, co-founder of AgoraBank, says: “AgoraBank places the user at the center of its ecosystem by giving them back their power“.

In decentralized banking, users are the sole holders of their funds through their cryptocurrency wallet. It is a radical way to break away from the traditional financial system where banks and institutions have absolute control over deposited funds.

AgoraBank revolutionizes the traditional system because it works without holding the assets of its users. At the same time, it has decentralized governance (DAO) where customers have the power to decide on the development of the bank. Finally, users are in full control of their data and manage their assets confidentially.

A bank that offers a fairer and more equitable model

With AgoraBank the remuneration is transparent and fair, unlike the opaque model of the traditional financial system. The redistribution of platform revenue is governed by rules written in the code. AgoraBank users can enjoy various products and services with transparent and fairly redistributed fees and commissions.

On AgoraBank DEX, accessible for free, users can recover commissions thanks to the swaps made. They have the ability to deposit money into cryptocurrencies that other users will instantly exchange. They can also earn income like brokers, with no upfront investment.

Furthermore, AgoraBank offers its clients decentralized trading (trading 3.0) in spot and futures. These have more than 50 cryptocurrency pairs available.

Bank 3.0 also offers the Agora Adventures solution to reward user involvement in the community. This solution confers a degree of citizenship whose evolution is based on the user’s involvement and participation. The different grades offer different benefits including lower user costs on the platform.

Finally, the platform has its own token which is deflationary. Concretely, the supply of tokens is limited to 300,000,000 AGO and the code includes a burning mechanism. All of this is taken up in White paper on website of the decentralized banking system.

AgoraBank launches its new platform

To streamline the user experience, AgoraBank has just launched its new blockchain platform. The platform is a “one stop shop” that allows users to easily and quickly find all the DeFi and traditional financial services they need.

It must be said that AgoraBank wants to be, in the long term, a reference in terms of decentralized cryptocurrencies. With this in mind, the platform has a busy roadmap that includes, among others: payment cards, launchpad, cryptocurrency lending, and equity and real estate market tokenization.

Bank 3.0 has implemented its platform on both the BNB chain and the Ethereum (multi-chain) network. She made sure to equip her AGO token with many use cases, namely: cashback, staking and DAO. Finally, AgoraBank will soon launch its mobile application on the Play Store and App Store platforms.

To conclude

AgoraBank modernizes and democratizes the traditional banking system to the delight of cryptocurrency fanatics and the general public. By applying Web3 and blockchain features to this system, it enables its clients to be in full control of their finances. Bank 3.0 AgoraBank has given itself the means to carry out this banking revolution. Benoît Courtois says: AgoraBank provides a revolutionary decentralized banking platform. We are building the bank of tomorrow by simplifying and making DeFi and blockchain accessible to everyone“. This statement demonstrates that AgoraBank is already firmly rooted in the 3.0 era.

A great deal of experience is needed to develop a platform that combines institutional banking services and crypto platform services within a single application. The bank 3.0 team has been working discreetly for several months now. Without marketing or advertising, the team has already managed to raise 2 million euros, directly on its platform. To take advantage of all the features of AgoraBank, you can access its new platform on its web page.

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