With Musicstart, Sacem relies on the blockchain to protect its authors

In the all-digital age, the world of music is not immune to major upheavals in uses and distribution methods, as André Manoukian recently pointed out to Maddyness. It is in this context that the Society of Music Authors, Composers and Publishers (Sacem) has decided to launch Musicstart, a service for the protection of creations based on the blockchain. The idea is to allow artists, including amateurs, to create proofs of the prior art of their creations.

Cécile Rap-Veber, General Manager of Sacem, describes in detail the genesis of this tool: “ Today, while new challenges are emerging with the emergence of new uses such as NFTs and the metaverse, and while those related to the traceability of works and transparency persist, Sacem offers this new answer to the essential question of the protection of works, especially for creators starting their career Today, music creators can simultaneously write, compose, distribute and even promote their works independently thanks to the numerous digital tools at their disposal.

But what about protecting these creations? Thanks to Musicstart and the blockchain, users of this 100% digital service can generate a proof of authenticity. In concrete terms, they compile the main information on their creation, transmit the associated file – text, score, music – and receive a certificate of precedence linked to an unfalsifiable fingerprint in the blockchain and usable in the event of a dispute.

€4.99 per month without obligation

Musicstart, developed through Sacem’s subsidiary called URights, offers two price offers. The first is a no-obligation monthly subscription for €4.99 which covers an unlimited number of protections. The second is a one-time protection, for a single file, which costs €3.99. The prices are designed to be accessible in order to protect even the artists who are just starting out. ” We’ve always been keen to support creators and educate people about copyright. Musicstart, as a simple and scalable service adapted to the challenges of today’s creators, fits perfectly into this philosophy. Our ambition is to be able to make this service accessible to as many people as possible. », explains Julien Dumon, managing director of the URights subsidiary.

From a technological point of view, Sacem has chosen to use Tezos, an energy-efficient blockchain, in particular for ecological awareness. As for the future, two development paths are already on the table: internationalization with the addition of new languages ​​and currencies and the enrichment of the course with the possibility of including co-creators and their respective parts in the work. “ Musicstart is a new step in Sacem’s fight to develop ever more value linked to the distribution of music for the benefit of those who create it. “, concludes Cécile Rap-Veber.

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