what if the metaverse changes things?

Absenteeism in Japanese schools has alerted the government. Pupils miss classes from first grade to secondary. However, Japan is one of the busiest countries in education.

The disinterest of young people in school is inexcusable Japan. On the other hand, the Japanese intend to find a lasting solution instead of condemning the young students. The use of the metaverse falls within the spectrum of their solutions.

Toda’s Metaverse School

The initiative to open a school on the metaverse was born in the town of Toda in Saitama. This school is accessible on the web3 and students from all countries have the right to go there. The metaverse school is a transposition of the school as we know it into the virtual.

Students can move around the school using their avatar, explore the premises and chat with each other. Lessons are then held in virtual classrooms. But to enter this school you must have the approval of the director of your home school.

Train remotely

Distance learning via the metaverse is not a new concept in Japan. The idea emerged quite early at the University of Tokyo. Offer students a virtual field to continue their studies and better understand the web3.

L’High school education is honored by this first concept. On the other hand, learning opportunities for high school and university students were also discussed during this project.

The idea of ​​the metaverse school in Japan therefore starts from a pre-established basis.

Is it a good method?

NHK, a Toda media outlet, investigated this story of rising absenteeism in Japanese schools. Students miss school due to lack of interest or because they live away from school.

These two facts excuse or do not excuse absenteeism. There is always a solution to take courses if you really want to learn.

However, young people are not ready to sacrifice their social interactions. Even when they miss school, these young people spend hours chatting online with their friends.

The metaverse school method joins the idea of ​​online exchanges. This concept may be of more interest to students. They will be able to follow the courses without leaving home, keeping in touch with virtual friends!

Japan up to the metaverse

They are serious and applied to web3 development in Japan. The metaverse is used in different areas of daily life in the country. The use of digital resources, NFTs and metaverse learning areas is no longer foreign to the Japanese.

Even if the metaverse is not 100% mastered, it has followers in the country. Recently, the mayor of Fukuoka agreed to partner with Astar Labs to become the home of the metaverse in Japan.

The school on the metaverse is a brilliant idea to remedy the problem of absenteeism. Japan has all the technical means to realize this ideal. The result of this project could trigger a new educational trend in other countries.


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