are the solidarity booklets valid?

You save into a savings account every month and want to put your money into social and environmental impact investing. so what are your options? Here is the list of solidarity booklets.

On the occasion of the solidarity finance week which takes place from 7 to 14 November, we ask ourselves the question: How do I make sense of my savings? Which social and environmental impact investments to choose? While life insurance, retirement savings, or even employee savings offer the option of investing in green funds (labelled SRI, Finansol, or Greenfin), these aren’t the only options. The solidarity booklets are accessible to all wallets. Another advantage: your money is always available and a simple transfer to your current account allows you to recover it in case of need.

The booklet for sustainable development and solidarity (LDDS)

Since 2020, the classic sustainable development booklet (LDD) has become a real support, hence the acronym LDDS. Part of the assets raised by this regulated booklet, false twin of the Livret A remunrr 2% net since August 1st, is then used to finance French SMEs and the social and solidarity economy (ESS), as well as economic working energy in the elderly homes. But according to UFC-Que-Choisir, this share represents less than 30% of LDDS’s assets, or about 40 billion euros out of the 130 billion euros deposited in LDDS at the end of September. The consumer association also believes that the obligations of the banks are too little: theirs must pay only 15% of funds for ecological and social projects. However, since 1 October 2020, it is possible to make a donation to social and solidarity economy structures from your LDDS. Each bank must have at least 10 ESS partners.

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Solidarity booklets

In addition to regulated savings, some banks offer listed savings accounts unpaid debts and/or interests can be placed in the solidarity economy. The choice of partner associations or financed projects is up to each of the banking institutions. Socit Generale and Banque Postale are proposing to institute a co-interest option on some of their standard savings accounts.

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In addition to solidarity booklets, there is another category: sharing booklets. The saver undertakes to repay 25 100% interest received from humanitarian associations or the solidarity economy, for example.

From the point of view of remuneration, it is not Prou. These brochures are paid between 0.05% and 2% gross. Taxation then passes from there, with a final levy of 30% applied to interest withheld, and 22.20% on interest paid to associations. Your generosity will therefore be scant, but concrete, reports UFC-Que-Choisir.

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Concrete example:

You placed for one year 10,000 euros on solidarity savings account 0.25% rmunr raw. You have chosen to donate 100% of your interests to an association. After the 22.20% tax collected on the interest paid, it will recoup 19.45 euros .

know: If you don’t pay 100% of the interest, the retained interest is still taxed at 30%.

Here is a selection of solidarity and sharing booklets available.

Bank Brochure Minimum payment Payment ceiling Main features Evaluate
People’s Bank Codevair booklet 10 euros Nobody This brochure allows it finance energy requalification works Between 0.15% and 0.65% depending on the establishments
CIC and Credit Mutuel savings account for others 10 euros Nobody From 50 to 100% of the interest paid to the 23 partner associations 0.25%
cooperative credit Book of deeds 10 euros Nobody 50% of the interest can be reverse 30 structures to choose from. 0.60% up to 15,300 euros e 0.05% beyond
Credit Mutuel de Bretagne Solidarity booklet 30 EUR 22950 euros This brochure provides 25 100% participation in 10 partner associations 2%
Municipal Credit of Paris Paris share booklet 50 euros 50,000 euros 25 100% of the interest can be donated to 3 partner associations, but also finance pledged loans from the Crdit municipal de Paris 0.70%
The nave The nave 10 euros Nobody The funds are used finance projects with social, ecological or cultural added value through loans 0.05% up to 15,000 euros e 0.03% beyond
macif Solidarity booklet 10 euros Nobody This booklet allows you to transfer between 25 and 100% of the participation one of the 4 partner associations 1% savings of up to 2,000 euros e 0.40% beyond
maif The booklet saves differently 10 euros Nobody This brochure gives 25% of his interests in four associations in the education sector. The saver can too donate 1% of their payments 0.90% up to 5000 euros e 0.10% beyond


Donations that benefit from a tax reduction

The amounts paid to organizations allow individuals to do this benefit from a tax break Height of 66% of the donation or even 75% if the association works for people in difficulty. In the example presented above, the saver will benefit from a tax reduction of 12.83 euros for a reduction of 66% e 14.58 euros for a tax deduction of 75%.

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