Helium abandons its blockchain in favor of the Solana network

Helium, a Blockchain-based network that powers wireless communication protocols powered by thousands of individual users, will migrate its Level 1 blockchain to the Solana blockchain. The network, which initially aimed to power Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as sensors and trackers, now has more than 950,000 nodes or hotspots, with operators rewarded with cryptographic … Read more

The new wave of digital innovations coming will radically change everything

The main structuring drivers of digital transformation are the continuous increase in the processing power of available information, the removal of time and distance constraints, the new possibilities of collaboration and the drop in communication and interaction costs and, more generally, transaction costs. These great engines are explained by 4 laws: Moore’s law, according to … Read more

an initiative around the blockchain and the Web3 for the benefit of the climate

Contrary to the position adopted by the traditional financial sector, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been interested in the cryptocurrency industry for many years, and the topic of digital currencies is regularly discussed at conferences held in Davos, with the participation of key figures in the sector. The WEF recently created a coalition around … Read more

definition and functioning of the blockchain sublevels

For structural reasons, more and more blockchains are using level 2 to develop their applications. In fact, the Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon and Lightning Networks are becoming increasingly important. Summary What is a level 2 for a cryptocurrency? Layer-2s are sub-layers or networks parallel to blockchains, capable of supporting multiple transactions. In Bitcoin, it is Lightning … Read more

The Immunefi Blockchain Bug Rewards Platform raises $ 24 million

Investors in Immunefi, which announced a $ 24 million fundraiser on September 22, are not taking too many risks in estimating its market. The Singapore-based start-up specializes in bug bounties (programs that offer rewards for discovering vulnerabilities in computer programs) for web3. Given the number of cyber attacks poisoning the industry, it certainly has a … Read more

Helium will migrate to the Solana blockchain

Helium users voted on Thursday to migrate the project’s mainnet to the Solana blockchain. Decentralized wifi protocol manufacturers want a much more scalable network for the project. Helium goes to Solana The Helium Foundation announced Thursday that the majority of network users, or 81.41%, voted for resolution HIP 70, the one that consecrates the migration … Read more

Teritori: the community hub on Cosmos SDK

Teritori is designed to optimize the experience of individuals, communities and Web3 builders through a hub and blockchain. About Tertori Teritori is a new blockchain, but also a multi-chain hub built to allow IBC and non-IBC communities to connect, create groups, exchange services and NFTs, launch new projects and develop existing projects. IBC: The Cosmos … Read more